TORHILO THE FROZEN : Solid Unbreakable Wall

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my Splinterlands weekly battle challenge. This week we should have Torhilo The Frozen* as our main theme, not Silent Sha-Vi because somehow I keep not getting focus point on the death element.

This frozen bull is an Epic Rarity Monster from Reward Edition and the bull is available for modern format. Basically it's an anti-magic tank,with high damage and high armor and before Chaos Legion edition released, we found many people using Bortus-Torhilo combination as their favorite selection.

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Last week in my post of Captain's Ghost Battle Challenge , I said that Modern Format Water Element had two outstanding rare Reward Cards, first the famous Venari Wavesmith and the second is this Captain's Ghost. Now with this post I add another one, The Frozen Bull, Torhilo.

With many alternative of good tanks, recently we don't see Torhilo as frequest as before. People prefer Daemon Shark or Baakjira, and both are excellent. However in term of holding of opponent magic attacks, I think Torhilo is one of the best, debatable better than Baakjira.

These are the points why I think Torhilo can be considered one of the best anti magic tank:

  1. Combination of high armor and high health points. Torhilo's armor makes it better than Baakjira in term of taking on physical damage.
  2. High Melee Damage. 4-5 Melee Damage is great.
  3. Competitive price, either for purchase or rent. You can compare it's price to Lobstradamus price.

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Battle Preparation

I tried to find a normal battle and I got these rulesets


  • HOLY PROTECTION ~ All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.
  • TAKING SIDES ~ Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles.
  • 56 MANA

These rulesets are too general, so anything can goes in the battle later. However I think this should be fine to show people whether Torhilo generally is good or not.

So here was my line up that I could come up with:

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
Summoner-1 magic damageHonestly the reason I picked Bortus because He was the only lvl 6/Gold League level Summoner I had in my selection. The rent price went crazy due to no liquidity, so I didn't have many choice that time.
Main TankVoid, Last StandOur main theme for this week. Torhilo paired with Bortus becomes a ultimate anti magic tank. Let see how strong this bull during the battle, will it be as good as I said above?
SecondReachMy secondary tank with reach ability. This monster should be my weak point, because it's still on Bronze League Level
ThirdOpportunity, PoisonI need this guy to kill their backline monsters
FourthProtect, DispelThis cheap reward card is actually my all time favorite support mage in Water Element.
FifthHeal, RepairOn Gold League Level, Merdalii Guardian becomes super strong support monsters because she heals and repairs armors at the same time. If my opponent doesn't bring any Sniper or Opportunist, most of the time the battle will become an easy win for me
The LastFly, Dogde, DemoralizeMy backline wall, This Phantom will dodge most of the attacks, or hopefully she will do that

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If you want to see the battle directly, you can see it directly here:


It's a Gold League Rank Battle of Water vs Death. I only had 1 Legendary Monster, Phantom of the Abyss, and my opponent came bringing 3 Legendary Monsters. Based on the line up, whether I would win or not would be decided on how fast I could wipe out 3 of my opponent's tanks, Windeku-Miurat-Cthulhu, because I needed to shutdown their archers as soon as possible. It's super dangerous to let Lira and Dhampir Stalkers to roam freely on their backline.

Round 1


  • The game started as both party buffing and debuffing their monsters and opponent's monsters.
  • My opponent had 4 magic damage, 4 melee damage and 7 range damage. Combined all they became 15 damage per turn.
  • My team had 12 melee damage, and 3 magic damage. Combined both became 15 damage per turn also, so it's an equal attacking power for both of us.
  • What really made me worry was they had 2 monsters having cripple ability. Cripple ability was crucial for a long battle, it would eat up your opponent maximum health, making it weaker as rounds progressed.

torhillo round 1.gif

  • We exchanges damages however none of the monsters died in the first turn due to the Holy Protection ruleset.

Round 2

torhillo round 2.gif

  • My Venari Wavesmith killed their Cursed Windeku. This was the most crucial point in this second round.

Cripple Ability made my Frozen Bull got this weak

Round 3

torhillo round 3.gif

  • Lira The Dark killed my Venari, this was why I needed to put down their tanks a.s.a.p. Lira was one of the best sniper in this game.
  • My Deeplurker killed their Silent Sha-Vi. In this round, each of us took down one opponent's monster.

Round 4

torhillo round 4.gif

  • My Deeplurker again killed a monster, this time it was Djinn Muirat.

Round 5

torhillo round 5.gif

  • As expected, this round Lira killed my Merdalii Guardian

Cripple made this 9 mana bull became like a small bug

Round 6 - 10 : the end

torhillo round 6-10.gif

  • My Phantom of the Abyss killed their Cthulhu, it's the end for them. they still could fight back killed my Torhilo, but it's a matter of time before they died due to no tank.
  • I sped up the round, nothing to tell anymore. 2 archers with no tanks. Good Game

Battle Discussion

This is the first battle on Gold League that I put into a Battle Challenge. Overall there are some points we can discuss, but I am making them short and selective. here are the points I would like to discuss:

  • The game changer in this battle is Torhilo. If I replaced Torhilo with other anti magic tank such as Oshannus and Baakjira, definitely I would have lost this battle. This battle showed us that Torhillo could last for 5 turn while taking on 10 damage per turn and some cripple damage.
  • Torhilo has one big weakness which is his speed. However if your opponent put the same slow tank in front of that bull, that tank will be killed for sure by 5 melee damage per turn. This is why I win this battle too, Djinn Muirat and Cthulhu are slow too.
  • Personally I like to say, no matter how strong we have new tanks from Chaos Legion set, or maybe in future from Rebellion set, I believe Torhilo The Frozen will still can compete with them for the main tank selection.

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Thank you for visiting my weekly battle challenge, don't forget to leave your comments and feedback below. There are credits in this post for these people:

  • splinterlands : for holding weekly battle challenge events
  • carrieallen : for ultimate markdown tutorial
  • kyo-gaming : for wonderful divider art


Well done there on the battlefield.
Keep on battling.



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