I read the Chaos Legion announcement so that you don’t have to.

General info:

  • The Chaos Legion presale is currently scheduled to begin on Monday, October 18th, 2021
  • Chaos Legion card packs will cost $4.00 USD.
  • Packs will be available to be purchased Credits SPS and DEC tokens which will be valued at the current external market rate.
  • There will be a total of 13 airdrop cards released as part of the Chaos Legion set as well as one special limited-edition promo card that will be airdropped at the end of the presale


  • 1M out of the total 15M available Chaos Legion packs will be available to purchase in the presale – 30 days
  • 10% discount if bought with SPS
  • Chaos Legion presale packs will not be able to be opened until the set is released


  • 1M total vouchers (1 / presale pack) - 33,333.333 / day based on your proportion of staked SPS.

Simple calculus:


New Ranked Play Format:

  • The Modern Format will only allow cards from the Untamed, Azmare Dice, and Chaos Legion editions, as well as the newer Reward edition cards.
  • The Wild Format will allow ALL cards in the game to be used, from Alpha through Chaos Legion.
  • Each edition will have its own, separate DEC reward pool, as well as its own separate SPS reward pool once SPS rewards for ranked battles are released.

When Chaos Legion is released, the cards that are able to be used in battle even if players do not own them (often referred to as "phantom" or "starter" cards) will change from the Beta and Untamed edition to the Untamed and Chaos Legion editions. This means that players will be able to use common and rare cards from these editions in battles even if they do not own those cards. (RIP bots configured to play with beta?)


Wow! thanks for this information, with this, I can plan ahead on what cards to play in the near future.