Updated new player offer - October 2021

Dear all,

After hanging out some time in Splinterlands general discord I keep on finding new players that didn't use a referral link to make and purchase their spellbook.

If after you made your research and decided to make an account please use this link:


How does this work?

If you do that I will give you 40 DEC (0.6 USD) + 13 cards delegation.

Most times when I propose this, the following affirmations get raised:

A. "Man your name is Dishonesty, it sounds scammy, I am going to become your referral and you gonna ghost me"

Answer: The answer for this its pretty simple, I have successfully ran this offer for the past 40 days, no one complained. On top of that you can use this link Peakmonsters (shout out to @jarvie and @asgarth for making this great tool) to see what cards I delegated (click Owned Yes + Delegated Yes + Rented No). You will be able to see around 300 USD worth of cards freely delegated to other accounts. I will simply do the same for you.

**B. "Ok, but in all honesty (pun intended) you will delegate me garbage!" **

Answer: Yes, you will not get silver / gold using my 13 lvl 1 reward cards (hell I even rent to stay in silver/gold). At the end of the day, you will need power, and every power you get from me you won't be renting at the end of the season. Also, there isn't a player in this game (all them 1 million accounts) who didn't use a Sand Worm. On top of that you will get some other reward common + rare cards that will give you more choices in different situations.

Hope reading this didn't bore you.

See you in the arenas!

Dishonesty out!