Fire Quest

I am Sprung!

The more and more I play it brings about the eagerness to play the next and the next. OK yes, I am Sprung! On @splinterlands if I had more time in a day to play it.

After the routines of day-to-day matters.

I somewhat got a hold on the strategies and the positions of the characters and what best fits for their position. After having a full day of everyday life routines of day-to-day matters. Ha I'm smiling right now, I go online with Splinterlands and started a fire quest, I amazingly completed it I think, quickly, rewards of 8 credits.

Goblin Fireballer

Screenshot 198.png

In this ghostlike position "Battle 1" behind Living Lava although his strikes were missed he never got hit until he move to the tank, he brought out a great counterbalance with Kobold Miner, Magma Troll and Serpentine Spy making their attacks very effective. I use him in other battles where his axe is very effective.

I started my collection.

But before the quests I went over at @monstermarket picked up a Kobold Bruiser, I'm starting the trails of #spt this dapp made it easy for me to purchase this card, and my second card that I own, I picked up my first card on day one, it was on @peakmonster I got Pelacor Conjurer both cards, I have played with and have not mastered the position and ability of these cards, but I started my collection.

Screenshot 196.png

I would like to share two incredible battles, have a good day and keep on “splinterlanding” Check out these battles. Battle 1
Battle 2
This game is Fun! Have a good day!