Noted #1 - Attack Order - Dodge/Evade - Do you even hit?


Introduction: Noted

Welcome to "Noted," a new series where I'll cover various gameplay-related topics and provide guides for new players and maybe even experienced players.

Today we will be discussing some basic concepts that we may need to refresh for some, or learn anew due to our collaboration with the Wasder App and the influx of new players.
There were questions in chat and also from friends that joined, so i will be specifically talking to you today about the order of attack, ways to dodge attacks, and the abilities that can affect them. I will also be providing some examples to help illustrate these concepts.

Attack Order

The order in which monsters attack is determined by a series of variables.
The first variable that determines the order is the speed stat of the monsters. Monsters with higher speed stats will always attack first, while those with lower speed stats will attack after them.
The second variable is the type of attack, with magic attacks being given priority over range and melee attacks. Monsters with no attack ability will "attack" last.
The third variable is the rarity of the monster, with rarer monsters attacking before more common ones.
The fourth variable is the monster's level, with higher-level monsters attacking before lower-level ones.
Finally, if all other variables are equal, the order of attack is determined randomly.


Attack Order - Exceptions

There are some other factors that can affect the order of attack beyond the variables previously mentioned. One such factor is the Reverse Speed Ruleset. When this Ruleset is in effect, the order of attack variables are affected, with the lowest speed monsters attacking first.
If two monsters have the same speed, then the attack type is reversed, with melee or no "attack" monsters attacking first, followed by range and then magic.
If the attack type is also the same, then the lower rarity monster goes first, followed by the lower-level monster.
If all of these variables are the same, then the monster that goes first is randomly chosen.

Additionally, in Brawls, the Home Team gains the advantage of going first whenever there is a tie in the attack order, provided their Barracks have been upgraded to at least level 1.

Understanding these additional factors that can affect the order of attack is crucial for players, as it can help them better plan their strategies and make more informed decisions when building their decks.

Dodge and Evade, do you even hit?

The chance of successfully dodging or evading an attack is determined by several variables, including the speed difference between the attacking and defending monsters, and other abilities such as Flying, Dodge, Phase, Blind and Truestrike.


Tenyii Striker is about to attack the Venari Knifer. What do we need to know here?

(Speed Difference x 10%) = Evade Chance

In this case:

(2 x 10%) = 20% (Venari Knifer's chance to evade the attack.)

Speed + Flying

Tenyii Striker on the attack again, this time against Riftwing.

Flying gives a bonus 25% chance of evading, except when the opponent has Flying too.

Or when Flying gets removed, that can be done with Snare.

(Speed Difference x 10%) + 25% (Flying) = Evade Chance

In this case:

(1 x 10%) + 25% = 35% (Riftwing's chance to evade the attack.)

Speed + Dodge

Tenyii Striker against the Chaos Agent.

Dodge gives also a bonus 25% chance of evading, but other then Flying it doesnt matter if the opponent has this ability too. Dodge will always be active.

(Speed Difference x 10%) + 25% (Dodge) = Evade Chance

In this case:

(0 x 10%) + 25% = 25% (Chaos Agent's chance to evade the attack.)

Speed + Flying + Dodge

Tenyii Striker against the Phantom of the Abyss.

We just learned about Flying and Dodge, these two can add up.

(Speed Difference x 10%) + 25% (Flying) + 25% (Dodge) = Evade Chance

In this case:

(4 x 10%) + 25% + 25%= 90% (Phantom of the Abyss's chance to evade the attack.)

Advanced Notes

Some things to note are:

  1. Flying and Dodge are calculated seperate. As stated in the last formular.

  2. Truestrike, with this ability, you always hit.

  3. Ruleset Aim True, all monsters will hit every time.

  4. Blind, an ability that can add another 15% evasion chance.

(Speed Difference x 10%) + 25% (Flying) + 25% (Dodge) + 15% (Blind) = Evade Chance

Bonus note for Blind:

If you kill a monster that has the Blind ability, and you have Trample, Blind will be active until the attack of the trampling monster ends.

Example from - @Newenx - Battle


In conclusion, understanding the order of attack, ways to dodge attacks, and the abilities that can affect them is crucial for success in Splinterlands. Taking the time to understand these basic concepts can give you a significant advantage in battles. By strategically placing your monsters on the battlefield, you can improve your chances of winning matches and climbing the ranks or place well in tournaments. With practice and a deep understanding of these fundamentals, you'll be well on your way to becoming a skilled Splinterlands player.

Happy Battle

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