Taken /Busqueda Implacable (Daily Quest) #2

Taken /Busqueda Implacable (Daily Quest)#2

Hello friends of splinterlands, the daily reward was made using sneak cards, it was great fun I have some very powerful delegate cards and I managed to rent SCARRED LLAMA which allows me a better victorious performance in silver league III

Hola amigos de splinterlands hoy se realizo la recompensa diaria utilizando tarjetas sneak, estuvo muy divertido tengo algunas tarjetas delegadas y ademas logre rentar SCARRED LLAMA lo que me permite un mejor rendimiento victorioso en liga plata III

In the chests I obtained a life card from the Pelacor family, an important card to collect and combine. I will continue the taken, thank you for reading and supporting.

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