Hello all!


There is not a single game that i've played for the last 10-15 years and that i do not collect/ride or develop dragons. In splinterlands one of the things that makes me play dragon everygame that's possible is the art. I'm a fairly new player so my focus will be with the chaos legion dragons.Maybe the point that push me towards them is the thing that i play just with my cards so you might say i got attached to them.
Top three are Void Dragon,Desert Dragon,Chaos Dragon. Not in this line
If i have to pick just one i'm not sure which one i will pick. Every one of them is unique and i use them in different circumstances.

For example:

Desert Dragon

I do not know where to begin with this one tank with PIERCING and RETALIATE oh, and do not think i forgot the TRAMPLE. Sweet combo in low/mid range battles if your enemy has no or little magic damage you can hit him sooooo hard...

Chaos Dragon

This is the only one that has flaw OVER 10 MANA. But with one Blast his in the right target from the start it can win you the rest of the game. Plus you can use it as a second tank that do sooo much damage.

Void Dragon

I like to use when there is a snipe battle rule and i put it in the second or 3rd position(1st from the mage/range cards). Few months back i did 8 misses in a roll in this mode, the card at silver and gold is insane.

A little tip if there is a Snipe ruleset put this one in second position, the amount of misses that you will get is insane.(quix summoner ofc)

Before i countinue i need to do Honarable Mentions:
CHROMATIC DRAGON is this card even real. I mean i've rewatched some streamers games so many times because of cards like this one. For 7 mana this card is just no fair. Flying, Enrage, Piercing and Thorns.(never seen a battle with 4th level CHROMATIC DRAGON but i've seen 3rd level dealing 11 piercing enrage damage for 7 mana it's insaaaaane.
ROBO-DRAGON KNIGHT this card will always have a spot in my HM Dragons. True Tank that's all i need to say.
Last two dragons i will combine here BLACK DRAGON +DIAMOND DRAGON i saw the first combo nearly 9 months ago. The problem was, i was on the wrong side of these 2 dragons. I can explain how much battles those guys helped me win with the help of DELWYN DRAGONSCALE of course.


ScreenHunter_2321 Jan. 05 12.26.jpg

When i saw the taunt i thought i was so glad that i picked Chaos Dragon
it was a good choise

ScreenHunter_2321 Jan. 05 12.27.jpg
At round 3 the things did not look well for me the only lost was the resurrect and i was a little concern but then the Chaos Dragon showed it's power.
Hit Nerrisa and kill 2 birds with one stone

ScreenHunter_2321 Jan. 05 12.30.jpg

At this point i new that i have chance to win
ScreenHunter_2321 Jan. 05 12.32.jpg

This was the last stand and i won

ScreenHunter_2321 Jan. 05 12.33.jpg

So at the end i can just add Dragons you either love them or hate them but i've never seen someone to hate them...