My Progress in Rising Star Game


Welcome to Rising Star Game !

Hello everyone! I want to Share my Progress in Rising Star game. I am new in this game and it uses Hive Blockchain. This is a collectible Cards in which we can earn a Token called STARBITS in performing simple task base on your level. First of all before using the site and you must read their term and Condition and the Highlighted Red Color in the first page of their website it say's "Bots, VPNs and multiple accounts upset the rock gods and are not allowed in Rising Star. Users suspected of using these may HAVE THEIR ACCOUNTS TERMINATED without notice and made to listen to experimental death flower pop for the rest of their lives!" You must follow this Rule so that you will not be banned.
Starbits is the in-game token use in this game their is a minimum amount you can withdraw when your reached 1000 and it withdrawn instantly. you can change it to cash or you can buy tradable card in the market place to be you used in the game.before you can play the game it's good you already have a Hivekeychain account.
let see first the value of Starbits in Hive exchanger I take photo from Website you can also login here using your hivekeychain.


I also Take Photo from Coingecko

10.jpg 11.jpg

You Can trade your STARBITS into HIVE and BITCOIN or you Can convert it to your Currency. For me I Convert STARBITS to HIVE then from my Hive Account I transfer to Binance.

I am New to this Game the Rising Star game And I can Show you my Progress in 1 Month.







These Are my Stats all photos are taken from My account.

Thanks for Dropping By Happy Earning!

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