Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Dragons


Good morning hivers! I get another chance to use my favorite splinter, the dragon splinter. I'm the proud owner of a few dragon cards, but for this match, I'm also going to rent the legendary dragon card The Vigilator, because I've always been curious about it and I want to try it out before I buy it.


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Theme: Dragons

Lineup & Strategy


Daria Dragonscale
Since I'm only going to be using melee monsters, I'll be using Daria for this one.

First Position:

The Vigilator
The card I rented, a legendary from the dragon splinter. I want to see how good this card is. I'm intrigued by every card that has the double strike ability.

Second Position:

My second monster, also a dragon monster. This one has the reach ability and decent attack and speed and health too and it has excellent synergy with Daria Dragonscale.

A full offensive strategy with mostly melee damage to take advantage of my summoner's buff.

Click here for the battle replay

Battle Conditions

Mana: 17
The conditions for the battle were Standard and it was a 17 mana battle with any splinter.


My opponent used the Water Splinter with The Serpent of Eld as the first position, the Ice Pixie and the Water Elemental. for the second and third positions, respectively.

Round 1


The Vigilator attacked first, doing 6 damage to the Serpent of Eld, destroying its shield and most of its health, then it tanked the attacks of all the enemy monsters and it was left standing with only 1 hp.


Finally, my manticore attacked the serpent and killed it and that marked the end of the first round.


Round 2

On round 2, The Vigilator attacked first again, killing Ice Pixie and then it attacked the Water Elemental for 3 damage leaving it with 1 HP, then the Water Elemental healed itself but didn't attack since its a ranged monster on the first position, then Manticore attacked and killed the Water Elemental, finishing this match.



Another quick one ^^, didn't even lose any monsters this match. I think The Vigilator is a really powerful card, that high damage paired with the right summoner can really wreak havoc on the enemy lines. I might end up buying this card, specially a level 2 one with the thorns ability, I believe it would be really powerful.

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This game is amazing and the community is really helpful and friendly, if you want to give it a try, you could register here.

Posted by Draicor - 2021/10/17


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