Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Pirate Captain


Good afternoon friends! Today I 'll submit a new entry at my favorite game, Splinterlands ^^, its the turn for the pirate captain, one of the ranged cards from the water splinter. here we go.


Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge!

Theme: Pirate Captain

Lineup & Strategy


Alric Stormbringer
Probably the most used summoner, Ulric increases the magic damage of every magic monster.

First Position:

Peaceful Giant
This monster has no attack but it has a lot of health, perfect to tank while my magic monsters attack his team.

Second Position:

A decent magic monster.

Third Position:

Ice Pixie
One of the best magic monsters I've seen ^^

Fourth Position:

Venari Wavesmith
An amazing card from the new chaos legion set, this card increases the survivability of the whole team.

Fifth Position:

Enchanted Pixie
I like the synergy this card has with my summoner, another magic monster to deal some good damage.

Sixth Position:

Pirate Captain
At the last position, I placed the pirate captain. A low health and low mana monster with low speed, but has the snipe ability which could be really useful in some battles.

My strategy for this battle was to use mostly magic monsters and oblitare the enemy team from the splinterlands lol.

Click here for the battle replay

Battle Conditions

Mana: 25
The conditions for the battle were Standard and it was a 25 mana battle with any splinter.



Round 1

The enemy summoner increased the defense of every monster by 1 and my summoner increased the damage of every magic monster by 1. Also, my Venari Wavesmith increase the defense by 2 to every monster I had.


Every monster exchanged blows on the field, but the only monster that died was my opponent's tank. Serpentine Spy missed Ice Pixie.

Round 2


My Peaceful Giant died, and then his Globin Shaman died too. Serpentine Spy missed Ice Pixie again. Kobold Miner and Serpentine Spy both died to my magic attacks. My Pirate Captain missed the Fire Elemental.

Round 3


Ice Pixie attacked the Fire Elemental and snuffed her flame out :V and then the Enchanted Pixie attacked the Sparked Pixies and the match was over.



This was a quick one ^^ I love fast battles, even though it was a 6 vs 6 battle. My team took out the enemy team real quick. That's the benefit of having the magic and defense buff with this strategy. No wonder people keep using this strategy over and over and over again.

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This game is amazing and the community is really helpful and friendly, if you want to give it a try, you could register here.

Posted by Draicor - 2021/11/14