Splinterlands My NFT Journey

My journey at Splinterlands started back in December 2018 as it says in my stats, is it long enough?, am I an early adopter? I wouldn't agree but at least I entered into the "game".


I decided to use an alt account, and used the one I created for my nephew who abandoned it without ever giving it use. That account is @artemisa7 and those that are active at Splinterlands may already know it.

I edited the profile to fit my likes and posted few since my free time is really scarce.
Splinterlands had come up to the scene time before that but as my liquid resources were (and still are) very limited I didn't get in on "early" time. However I bought the starting pack and started to learn how to play.

I introduced a friend that is a real profesional on gaming. She earns her incomes thanks to games. She was really good at some of them, we got to know each other at GoldenTowns online game, very famous at the time.

She offered me to join our resources to be able and buy a bunch of packs that we later would split equally. We put something like 100€ each and cannot remember how many packs of Beta edition cards we bought but was enought to get a decent collection to start playing with. I think I didn't play as bad but I was very limited in cards so I think I only got to gold. Don't blame me, I can barely remember those times huh!

Later I started a new job and my free time was really rare so I gave up playing. I finally let my friend to take control of my account and since it's a real friend of mines (who I also know in real world) I forgot totally about it. She used it freely and delegated cards to her accounts when needed and so on. As she is a full time player I think she made a great use of them growing my collection meanwhile.


To not make this too long I will sum it up: she after some time got fed up of the game and gave it up. She sold a big part of her cards and got a real interesting bunch of DEC that she swapped to BTC. She's currently holding them while she also has some cards left as well as SPSs. She really solved her economic issues with this operation and I'm trully glad for her.

I also told of Splinterlands to some friends and my brothers. No one was interested but only one of my brothers. He got upset with Hive so he swapped his HIVE into cards and invested some money too, not much a pair of hundreds I think. He played a bit but he soon got tired of the game an put his collection on the market to sell in bulk. At that time the price looked somewhat crazy, like 8000$ or so.

So I unexpectedly found myself with a bunch of cards out of use, then came the last Splinterlands big Pump. My friend told me about it and suggested me to sell my cards. I always told her the same here: NO.

Link to my peakmonsters report

By the time decided that I needed to spend some time with peakmonsters tool to understand what was going on. I got amazed on how easy and useful it was. Shit! I told to myself. Why haven't I done it earlier?. At least I did so forget me. I was also curious on others collection and used the tool to nose a bit. I could see, with great surprise, that my brother had sold his collection, boom!. Rushed to tell him who was totally unaware, ha ha. He swapped his DEC onto BTC and is holding them.

I could had perfectly sold my collection for 15-17000$ at the party but didn't, why? I didn't because I, since the very beginning, saw the game cards as a collection, unique pieces that one day could have some value, isn't it what a collection is for? My friend keeps calling me mad and I keep telling her I'm a collector, somewhat an investor. If I sell my collection at the first big Pump, has it any sense from a collector's/investor's perspective? I don't think so but I may be wrong...

In my view, my collection (thanks to Splinterlands project path) is not a passive investment but more like a productive asset bundle thanks to those DEC and SPS I'm getting from renting and holding. I started playing too so I'm in a "relearning" curve nowadays but earning DEC meanwhile and growing my collection too without giving it too much of my scarce free time due to my daily job, studies and family duties.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think I've been rather bullish at Splinterlands. I'm still bullish and don't see me selling at short/mid terms. How do you see it? am I a mad guy? has any sense to collect those cards? I'm open to your thoughts so drop them here if you wish.

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Could it be without music? nooo 😁

Love n’hugs to all ❤️

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