Splinterlands - Road to 10k SPS #1


Dear fellow Splinters & Landers,

My goal in regards to the Splinterlands game is to reach 10k SPS.

I have been playing the game just before the CL came when I had lot of free time.

Unfortunately, since the end of the 2021 I do not have the time to play it anymore. And since I do not like the bots, I sold all my cards (which were not that great!) and decided to buy SPS and stake it.

I love the game and I would never completely abandon it in the hopes I can return to it someday. I really enjoyed getting those cards and
making my squad better - the highest league I hit was Diamond.

Anyway, I still believe the game has a lot of potential to attract much more players. Unfortunately it has been hit hard by the bear market of cryptos (in my opinion) just before the Chaos were released - such an unfortunate timing :-(

Nevertheless, I trully believe it will recover mainly because it has an active developer team but also it has a big potential when looking at the marketcap.

So, to cut the long story short:

Staked SPS6'848
Approx. USD value$775

Let's do it baby!

!gif tothemoon


Let's go baby yeah!

Your target is feasible.

You can do it!


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