Splinterlands diary 01.08.21 - Season rewards

So, the July season has come to an end. It wasn't easy, but I managed to finish it in the Diamond III league and get 40 reward chests.

There were 109 DEC, 7 legendary potions, 10 alchemy potions and some good cards for 50+ usd !!!

  • Gold Foil Sand Worm gold cards are always good for rankings
  • Ancient Lich cool card for battles with the EQUALIZER rule
  • Captain's Ghost One of Water Elemental's favorite long-ranged fighters. really like to use it in big mana battles.
  • Onyx Sentinel great wall!
  • Eavangelist Very good archer and indispensable in battles with EARTHQUAKE

I hope you got something cool too and we will definitely fight!

@NoiseCash | @Blurt | @Telegram | @Twitter

See You on the battlefields of Splinterlands!


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