Splinterlands Diary 22.12.22 - POSSIBILUS THE WISE

Hi friends, the holiday weekend is coming, so the mood is very good and yesterday, because I like to experiment with new cards decided to try some combinations with the new summoner POSSIBILUS THE WISE and the most powerful neutral card ARKEMIS THE BEAR.

Considering the fact that the summoner gives the cards the ability to attack from the second position - this combination gives a great advantage in the first turns, and even losing these cards in the middle of the battle, the remaining archers and mages get a huge advantage.

My lineup:


With a lot of health, a strong attack, and the ability to heal this card is great for the first position, and I was hoping that on the second turn he could use the Trample ability he got from the summoner.


A huge amount of health, good attack, and shields for all my cards! if the opponent uses a lot of archers, he won't stand a chance :)


One of the strongest mages in the game, very fast, able to resist magic damage - the amount of mana allowed to use him, so I put him in the third position. In addition, if my first two cards go out of play quickly he has the opportunity to be a great defender for the rest of the cards.


Even though my tank can heal itself I decided to help it with this healer archer and increase my chances of surviving the first turns if my opponent engages a few strong mages.


Strong cards in first positions are great, but atki on the rear are just as important, so I decided to give that position to the epic URAEUS, which got a nice health bonus thanks to the summoner.


Strong magical attacks are pretty damn cool, so I gave the last position to this strongest mage. Expensive, but totally justifies its power, speed and survivability.

The opponent was more than worthy - he put the fast SERPENT OF ELD in the first position, backed up his attacks with the mighty DJINN OSHANNUS, used the Golden DEEPLURKER to attack my rear, and, in addition, used the strong archer WAVE BROOD to distract my attacks.

At the beginning of the second round I lost my "tank", but dealt significant damage to his WAVE BROOD, and, thanks to the shields received from ARKEMIS THE BEAR, started the 3rd round perfectly, and persevered in the face of the onslaught of the enemy.

By round 8 I had only PHANTOM OF ABYSS left, but my opponent's cards were significantly lacking in speed, and that number of misses allowed me to come out the winner.


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