Weekly Challenge - Share Your Battle - Prismologist




Looks like we started well this novice tourney against 144 bots


Edit: ~ Updating:


Rule Set:

-> Equalizer
-> Noxious Fumes (Poison)
-> Mana cap = 54



My Strategy:

-> Well, since equalizer would give everyone high health in a high mana battle my intenttion was just to make the most dmg possible focusing in one spot, because seen more effective than distributing dmg in this case, making possible to take opponents cards out faster, and the poison rule would help to compound on if it works, so I tryied to get a better early game.


-> General Sloan to back ranged attackers; Chaos Knight looked a good choice giving high hp to boost the shield ability; Magi of Chaos as secondary tanker while also doing decent magic dmg; Time Mage with slow to try to take upfront speed; Supply Runner with decent ranged dmg and high speed to have time to do his job; Prismologist with high ranged dmg compounded with Blast in the 5th spot; and Pelacor Arbalest with also high dmg.


Did My Strategy Work?

Yeah, he went with Thaddius Brood and only nerfed 1 card dmg, not many headwings at this lvl to counter General Sloan, so I was able to do the expectation and captured the moment Prismologist was doing high dmg. Besides, he used a tanker with taunt that didn't change my strat of focus in on spot since it was also upfront and not spliting direction. He used a card with snipe, which I think was a mistake.

What Would I Do Differently?

-> I humbly think I played really well here and was trying to think the optimum result from the beginning, so I don't know, I can't remember heals and cleanse options together for this formation.


Do I like Prismologist?

Yeah, I like it a lot! Mainly for high mana battles (8 cost), because its when it can survive in a safe spot and do its work the best as long as it can.



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