#MyHiveGoals - April Goals + Weekly Report



Hello everybody I hope you are all well and stacking that Hive! I haven't made the greatest of progress this week but progress is progress none the less!

I've been very busy these past few weeks so I haven't had the most time to sit down and write up some posts, additionally I swapped all of my posts into 50-50 pay outs compared to my previous months on Hive where everything was 100% paid out in HP.

I did this due to passing my original goal of 500 HP, I am not setting aside some HBD
in the hopes of using it to purchase cheaper Hive during dips or withdraw for investments into the Hive-Engine ecosystem.


I am still depositing any liquid Hive I receive daily into my savings although it is not a lot from my current staked BXT tokens. Therefor I'm holding out with my liquid HBD right now.

I really should aim to put out some more content in different fields but my mind draws a blank about posting in other communities sometimes. And I wouldn't want to put out low effort content so I'm stuck always thinking about what I could try jump into! Perhaps some cooking posts :)

I would love to see my curation rewards come back up in the coming days or weeks but I'm not too sure that will happen, I have been spreading my votes out more as I do read and curate quite a few posts for my limited HP but I may have to cut down on that if I want to see my votes actually return something!


My goal previously was to stack 50 HIVE and HBD, it still remains as such but as you can see I have 17.131 liquid HBD currently, as stated above I'll just be leaving that there until I deem its a good enough time to swap it for some Hive then dump it into my savings and move onto my next goal, hopefully I can aim for a couple hundred of each token in that saving section before the year is over.

Token Holding Update-

I include my diesel pool liquidity in these holdings for anyone wondering! so some coins may fluctuate a tad more than others. I'll display which pools I'm providing LP for down below!

TokenPrevious WeekCurrent WeekEarned
Hive Power496.584512.304+ 15.72
Hive25.65826.545+ 0.887
HBD52.16967.555+ 15.386
LEO104.336109.082+ 4.746
ONEUP3,532.1583,978.233+ 446.075
BXT10.44611.207+ 0.761
BEE67.8169.83+ 2.02
PIZZA1,024.791,051.04+ 26.25
LOLZ367.028502.706+ 135.678
CENT1,009.7831,009.783+ 0
CTP198.999216.835+ 17.836
POB107.99114.56+ 6.57
SPT2,229.8992,263.131+ 33.232
SPS451.724480.339+ 28.615
VYB59.07669.315+ 10.239
VIBES18.9320.78+ 1.85
NEOXAG92.98699.891+ 6.905
WEED116.362133.204+ 16.842

Not much change this week with my holdings, I have been purchasing a lot of LOLZ in an attempt to have 512 in an ability to call the LOLZ bot 10 times a day, I like spreading out the tipping tokens and of course the added benefits that come with being a headliner but I cant comment much on that yet as I ain't one and haven't seen how good the output is!

I also stopped staking CENT for a little while, as cent is aimed to be pegged to 0.01 I have been selling what I recieve the past couple of days as I am aiming to purchase a couple things and having one token pay for another is one of the many reasons I love Hive.

Diesel Pool Positions-

Not much change again in my current pools. I am thinking about withdrawing my liquidity for the SWAP.HIVE:BXT pool, selling the BXT and using all the collective funds to aim to join a different pool or two. I am undecided which but there is many well rewarding pools out there to join.

Thankfully my ONEUP pools seem to pull more than their own weight, especially with the daily bonus keeping my average earnings over 5 ONEUP a day. Under 20 days remaining for these pools, by the time they are over I would have been rewarded with more ONEUP than I pooled myself. May even top the SWAP.HIVE:ONEUP pool up some more with my current liquid ONEUP.





If you haven't heard about BANG! Defense it is a new game being build on the Hive Blockchain, this week they posted a pre-sale and I had plans on grabbing myself a legendary blaster for the NFT perks going forward regarding these pre-sale NFTS, each month they will have a chance at dropping you keys to open crates, along side the additional 77 crates and keys I got for purchasing a legendary blaster, I hope this will be a good and long-term investment going forward with the key drops.

Perhaps I can sell what I receive or use them to open my own crates up, either way it seems like a nifty use of gaming NFTs, I hope to see more of that here on Hive!


Currently the legendary supply is all sold out but you still have a chance to grab yourself any of the other rarities with different chances of dropping keys, unsure the specific amount of keys you can or will receive per month but I've taken the chance and went with the investment, here's to the future of P2E!


I paid a total of $125 for my legendary blaster which equated to 103.306 SWAP.HIVE as of yesterday, thankfully the price of Hive rose a decent amount from the previous days where it was sitting around the dollar mark! Saved myself some Hive in the longterm with that one!

Hopefully we will see the game go live soon and I will continue to track any investments or earnings from the game, cheers and thanks for reading! Have a good evening/day!

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Cool, any link to the BANG! Defense game so I can investigate?


Cheers Ole!

Here's the litepaper:


Presale link:

The website for the homepage/game itself is down atm hopefully that'll be back online soon, have a good one!



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