Modern League Reality and the Weekly Challenge

The past few days have been stressful for me because I have been trying to climb up in the Modern League and the Wide League. It has been challenging because I recently got back into the game. I purchased 54,000 SPS last week and a Chaos Legion full deck a few days ago, hoping to advance quickly in these leagues. However, there have been many difficult challenges, especially in the Modern League, where skilled players dominate.

Currently, I'm playing in Silver Modern League 2, and with the amount of mana that I've bought in the market, I should be higher up than that. At first, when I was in the bronze league, the cost for manner was very cheap, around 50 Dec just to max my manner after I exhausted them, so I kept on playing, and it helped me to get used to the game, learning new strategies from those players that I'm playing with. It was so difficult to play in Modern League, it felt as if they knew what I was thinking and the card that I was about to play, so they were always one step ahead of playing a stronger team.


You can see from the stat above that my winning ratio is terrible. It's not even up to 50% because I've been buying Mana in the market and it helped me to push and play a lot of games. I've played over 265 and i won 125 matches, which is very bad, but I didn't see this as a failure because at least I'm learning in the process, and maybe by the end of the season, I can find myself in the Modern Gold League. Currently, it is proving very difficult, and the main reason is that modern players are outstanding, but it is a different story for the wild format.


In Wild League, the competition is fierce with many bots playing in the leagues. However, I have managed to win numerous matches and my winning ratio is above 70%, which is quite impressive. If I continue at this pace, I should be able to make it to the Diamond League by the end of the season. It's interesting to note that there aren't enough real players in the league and bots dominate it. This is evidence that real players are better than both and it should be the other way around. Despite this, I am loving the challenge so far.


battle link

The rule set for this week is close range, whereby the units are allowed to attack from a close range. One of my favorite wins in the modern league today involves this ruleset because my opponents and I almost use the same tactics. When I saw the setup of my opponent, I thought it would be a draw, but as the game progressed, I realized that I was going to win even though, at the end of the game, it got a little bit tricky. I won by a tiny margin.

During the game, I realized it was Igor who gave me an advantage over my opponent's monsters. The card Igor was particularly helpful as it dealt two damage to all of the monsters and had a low mana cost of two, making it an excellent choice for a low-mana battle. Despite the game's difficulty, I was having a lot of fun playing and by the time I spent several weeks improving my gameplay, I am confident that my strategy will continue to improve, and I'll climb higher in the league rankings.

battle link

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