DYGYCON 8 Around the Corner

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DYGYCON 8 Around the Corner

A couple days until DYGYCON 8 opens its doors in the metaverse! We host our event on the @Gamerjibe platform for an immersive experience that everyone is sure to enjoy. Early registration is open. Currently 439 attendees pre-registered!

At DYGYCON 7, we had a blast! A few words from Aggroed from @Splinterlands:

“It’s always awesome to be here and it’s getting bigger everytime. This is really fun. I saw over 1000 attendees…and it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to try and bring all the people together and help them work together and collaborate.” - Aggroed, Co-Founder of Splinterlands


DYGYCON is one of the most frequent blockchain events happening on the @Gamerjibe metaverse platform. Some notable blockchain events hosted with their team include:


Since November 2020, DYGYCON has been hosted every two months with each event drawing more attention than the last with an average of 1055 registrants and 564 hours spent in the metaverse. You can view the 2021 DYGYCON Analytics sheet and see the past events archive on the website.

During DYGYCON 7, the most recent event January 21-23, 2022, we received the following stats. You can see more on the website and keep track on their 2022 DYGYCON Analytics sheet.

RegistrantsAttendeesAttendance HoursAttendance Usage Hours
Pre-Registered GuestsPeak Concurrent GuestsCountries Represented
Positive FeedbackBooths HostedNew Booths HostedLead Vendors and Sponsors

DYGYCON Feedback

Participants of every DYGYCON have alot to say about how successful our events are as well as envisioning the outlook of future experiences in the metaverse.

DYGYCON 7 Feedback:

  • I discovered Dygycon on Twitter and the games/companies that are having a booth there. I grabbed my car keys and was hoping the location would be near me so i would start driving. I was looking at the website gamerjibe where the DYGYCON event being held and saw the option join virtual space. I could not believe it that something like this was possible specially now during strange times with all the restrictions. This was a first time for me to enter the virtual space and be able to chat and have a look at the new projects and learn more from them.
  • Attending DYGYCON has always been an interesting experience. Every event has new things, new people to meet. New features from Gamerjibe are always a bonus. I always appreciate how there's so much interaction going on during DYGYCON and that's something I always look forward to! - @arcgspy
  • It was a wonderful experience to attend this virtual event. It would have been great to include more interactive sessions in the event. Will definitely be attending such events in future 🙂🙂🙂
  • Everything seemed very simple and organized. Logging into the event, getting around, getting assistance, interacting with others and the bots, all worked great. It was like going to a live trade show.
  • I've attended (and spoken at) various tech conferences in the past and miss the personal interaction. While I've been a bit shy about talking to people at Dygycon as I'm not networking in the NFT space for professional purposes right now, I'd love to see tech conferences adopt the GamerJibe platform to make conferences more relatable. Maybe something like my local Google Dev meetup would be a good fit. I think Dygycon is a trailblazer and we'll look back at how it paved the way for better interaction in this and many other communities!

Feedback Suggestions

Among the suggestions received included some ways DYGYCON and virtual engagements like this can improve. Below are a handful of suggestions from the last event. Our team is working together with the @Gamerjibe team to be able to implement constant updates to the venue with all feedback received in mind.

  • Have movies (on public domain) going. Create a drive-in cinema or open air cinema so people can enjoy a classic; on the club have music videos playing (by new artists that submit them); have a JungleTV venue where people can watch JungleTV live but as part of the event - with accompanying swag! Plus, more booths by other companies/projects.
  • Keep up the momentum: good balance between lecture time and side activities
  • More interactivity in the booths. Maybe a way for the booths to be able to show off NFTs or offer live streams. The live audio when you stepped into a booth was cool. So if you could add the interactive social video component to that it would feel more like a live conference.
  • Example: Jump into the Metaforce booth to ask Recourier how the blending of champions works and see him on camera answering the questions. Or catch a Live stream of NFT Gamer TV on twitch giving commentary about Dygycon live. Another cool feature would be to add a web browser in an iframe so you can check out Specific web Pages the booth may want to present. Such as filling out forms for contests without leaving the VR atmosphere. Or presenting a marketing page. I would be looking for something that would be more dynamic than just a video or a slide show.
  • You need to make people talk to each other, I couldn’t do that I’m virtushy still, so make me do it by some good prizes etc :)
  • Should make it more clear what games are available though a pre-event blog post. Not vendors but actual games that can be played in the event. And some swag that is guaranteed even if it is something small. Some people never win anything. And you see others win all the time especially in certain streams. Can really discourage a person from wanting to take part in a community as they feel they have no chance to win. Some people have very little so even what may seem like a small prize to some is giant to others.

Event Schedule

If you take a look at the event landing page, you’ll notice there are tabs on the right to access the schedule, preview the available rooms, a description of the event, and the current exhibits. Currently, the event is locked for sponsors with a password to enter the event and determine booth rearrangement and preview that their booth appears updated with correct information.

D8 Saturday Talks.png

Main Event Livestream Schedule

The following schedule has been confirmed at last! We’re happy to welcome @Splinterlands co-founder, Aggroed, Green Rabbit co-founder, nVen0m, @GalaGames President of Blockchain, Jason Brink, and Mammoth Mythics co-founders Jake and Jack!

D8 Schedule.png

Sponsored Halls

There will be branded halls by the following sponsors. Each hall can contain a maximum of 15 booths, two bean bag chill zones, and a directory display by the door.

DYGYCON 8 Halls:

  • Atomic Hub
  • Gala Games
  • Green Rabbit
  • Jungle Bay Ape Club
  • SixPM Software
  • Splinterlands

Returning Sponsors

We expect to be bringing back more familiar companies, projects, and influencers to DYGYCON and are happy to provide assistance, discounts, and other perks especially for partners of @Splinterlands.

New Sponsors

We will be promoting companies and projects that have not attended or hosted a booth at DYGYCON yet. It is exciting to welcome new faces and communities to become a part of our bi-monthly metaverse experience.

Current Sponsors List:

  • Green Rabbit
  • Enviroblocks
  • EMP
  • Web Around
  • Crypto Chibi
  • The Realms
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Token Gamer
  • NFT Insider
  • Harmonia: Goya’s Land
  • Jungle Bay Ape Club
  • Digital Ducks
  • Mikemyk (Waxy & Rusty the Red Panda)
  • Nova Rally
  • Taco NFT
  • Coin Pirates
  • NOA Collectibles
  • Broken Dolls
  • Waxel
  • NFTHive
  • Art Chops
  • PolyDoge / MetaPetz
  • Drawn Company
  • Ultra Rare
  • CryptoPups
  • Cosmic Alien
  • Cat Stickers

SWAG preview

Every DYGYCON comes with awesome SWAG from our sponsors. See below promotional banners of announced SWAG.














Sneak peek of upcoming SWAG will come from:

  • MetaPetz by PolyDoge
  • Enviroblocks
  • The Realms

Looking to Participate?

Check out the register page on the website to find out more about attending, participating as a sponsor, and volunteer/internship opportunities.

RSVP Today

Let’s make this next DYGYCON better than the last! Head on over to our website to learn more and be sure to RSVP. You may notice there is a password on the event landing page that prevents you from previewing the event space (for our sponsors and the @Gamerjibe team to work on customizations), however, there will be NO PASSWORD on the date of the event starting at March 18th, 2022! This 3-day event is going to be amazing!

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