DYGYCON 8 | By the Numbers

Authored by @waffleskitty

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DYGYCON 8 set a new record!

We clocked in at 1819 attendees! That’s about 400+ more than DYGYCON 7 that happened a couple months ago. See a link to the VOD on Youtube for a recording of the 3/19 Main Event Livestream.

You can still check out the event, although you will not be eligible for the SWAG and some other time-sensitive activities such as the NFT auction, Achievement Badges, and Scavenger Hunt!


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Following the strong momentum of the event last held in January, we’ve got a couple things that stepped up its game.

  1. The WAX Community turnout
  2. Gamerjibe metaverse expansion
  3. Sponsor hype and participation

WAX Community Turnout

Over 30 sponsors came in from the WAX blockchain. Check out a couple of articles written by some of the sponsors representing the WAX community.

Gamerjibe Metaverse Expansion

Our metaverse platform of choice, @gamerjibe has given us yet another great update on the venue. At DYGYCON 7, there could only be up to 4 expo halls, which contained only 3 exhibit sets. FYI, each exhibit set holds either 3 small booths, 2 medium booths, or 1 large booth. Now, there can be up to 8 expo halls and each room holds 5 exhibit sets! That’s a maximum of 15 booths in each hall.

Thanks to our sponsored halls:

  • AtomicHub
  • EMP
  • SixPM Software
  • Gala Games
  • Gooeys
  • Green Rabbit
  • Jungle Bay Ape Club
  • Splinterlands


In addition to that, we had a Welcome Room makeover with a cityscape design where users spawn in front of an opening to the sections that display halls, then a couch area that resembles the former Welcome Room. There is also a pond and entrances to the Patio and Tailgate areas to each side.


Sponsor Hype

With 100+ booths between DYGYCON and our sponsors, we received so much more to explore this time around that people felt as overwhelmed as we were setting things up on the back end. We are truly thankful for the many exhibitors that stepped up to provide SWAG at their booth, games, activities, freebies, codes, and other things that helped bring value and fun engagement during the event.

All our sponsors:

  • WAX
  • NFT Insider
  • AtomicHub
  • Warsaken
  • Digital Ducks
  • Taco
  • Coin Pirates
  • Costume Clash
  • TokenGamer.io
  • Red Panda Adventures / Waxy
  • CryptoFlash
  • Noa Game
  • Nova Rally
  • Waxel
  • Harmonia: Goya’s Land
  • EMP Money
  • NFTHive.io
  • The Online Inn
  • CryptoSwatches.com
  • Bmac’s 4ArtSake
  • Ultra Rare
  • AtomiKings
  • NFThub
  • Crypto CHibi
  • CryptoStache
  • Spielworks
  • Gainables.io
  • Gala Games
  • NFT Horizon
  • AnyObservation
  • The Snorfkingdom
  • Gods and Legends
  • Brigade
  • Dunamis
  • cryptomonKeys
  • Mammoth Mythics
  • Gooeys
  • TUNZ
  • PuftCreative
  • RAWR! Giveaway Bots
  • Blockchain Game Alliance
  • SwampSoldiers
  • Breadcritter
  • PolyDoge
  • MetaPetz
  • M.O.R.B.S. by NiftyBC
  • Art Chosp Benefit LLC
  • Green Rabbit Game
  • EXODE Game
  • BattleBlockz
  • The Realms
  • AlienSignals
  • Blockchain Cards
  • ilovecryptosWAX
  • Brave
  • TiDBYTS: The Duckles
  • Tallak’s Dragons
  • JungleBay Ape Club
  • Jonezy Art
  • 8Bit Slammers
  • Maiki
  • Pizza slice
  • ClashDome
  • DrawnCompany
  • The Forge Arena
  • The Kollector
  • Dogefellas
  • NFTGamerTV
  • The Adventurer’s Guild
  • Cat Stickers
  • Floyd Jenkins’ Deck of Mythical VArmints
  • Order of Other
  • Immersys
  • NeftyBlocks
  • The Uplift World
  • NeftBlocks Creators
  • ZOS: Zombie Outbreak Survival
  • Realm of Cuboids
  • MagusOpus
  • Splinterlands
  • Non-Fungible Gang
  • Miss Teen Crypto
  • CryptoPups
  • Token Girls Studio
  • Blockchain Founders FUnd
  • ZenSports Arena
  • Enviroblocks
  • The Webaround
  • Broken Dollz
  • Aquascapeart
  • MetaForce Comics
  • The KingDome
  • Top 10s
  • Most Popular Booth by Time Spent
  • Green Rabbit Game
  • The Adventurer's Guild
  • AtomicHub
  • Gala Games
  • Waxel
  • Red Panda Adventures / Waxy
  • Ultra Rare
  • Cat Stickers
  • Immersys
  • Most Popular Booths per Feedback
  • Atomic Hub
  • WAX
  • The Adventurer’s Guild
  • Cryptomonkeys
  • Neftyblocks
  • Splinterlands
  • Digital Ducks / Cat Stickers (tie)
  • Gala Games
  • Green Rabbit Game
  • Mammoth Mythics / Immersys (tie)
  • Top Attendees by Time Spent
  • Krypto Kumas
  • Bmac
  • SMITE - Rep. Waxel
  • Nuno | AtomicHub
  • mikeeMyk
  • aquascapeart
  • Frittchen - Team Waxel
  • Ghalox NTM
  • Bro Turtle I Green Rabbit
  • bunnanabread

Top 10s

Top Presentation Room Visitors

  1. Skyler Ramsey
  2. Blyss (Dogira)
  3. Mate.
  4. heartyginga
  5. Elijah | @GooeysP2E
  6. BullHorn
  7. Roykwent
  8. Sklion
  9. casimirio
  10. Cody Gains

Top Star Collectors

  1. Relief |NTM ⭐ (Star Collector Achievement badge won)
  2. bmjonz
  3. coolcrypto974
  4. DodoCryptOG
  5. Potter513
  6. Ryu | Gods & Legends
  7. heartyginga
  8. Arcmilla
  9. NephilimHoss
  10. Xtrapt

Top Dancers

  1. Shiba King 🕺 (Best Dance Moves Achievement badge won)
  2. chaosgeek
  3. SMITE - Rep. Waxel
  4. Nibras
  5. BgDubbe1
  6. SilverSwampRabbit
  7. Cody Gains
  8. TNRCoffee | NTM
  9. Esthetic Monte
  10. Dr.BabidiBoi,MD

Top Bean Bag Warmers

  1. RedRo
  2. ilovecryptos
  3. LethalDrEvil
  4. Quack McStacks
  5. stuckatsixpm
  6. AngelitoFrijoles
  7. Puft is AFK but my Goo-vatar is with you in spirit
  8. Feavs | http://tacocrypto.io
  9. NFTAlleyCat
  10. CocaineModelL

SWAG, NFT Auction, Achievements, and Scavenger Hunt

Between sponsor events, meetups, challenges, and activities, there’s something for everyone and we’re always getting more fun added into the mix.


SWAG Booth

DYGYCON 8 SWAG Wallet Collection Forms were emailed to those that signed up during the event at the SWAG Booth. Please ensure you have [email protected] whitelisted! Thank you to those that mentioned the email announcement should also go on our Discord announcements in addition to being pinned in the #dygycon channel and DYGYCON Twitter.

Thanks to our sponsors:

  • Splinterlands
  • Cryptomonkeys
  • Mammoth Mythics
  • Blockchain Cards
  • Broken Dollz
  • EMP
  • BattleBlockz
  • The Realms
  • The Duckles
  • Jungle Bay Ape Club
  • Drawn Company
  • MetaPetz / PolyDoge
  • Enviroblocks
  • UltraRare
  • CryptoPups
  • Order of Other
  • Maiki

We hosted another silent NFT auction from @splinterlands, our sponsors, and private sellers.

NFT Achievement Badges are getting minted and distributed this week as we closely review all submissions from Twitter! Here are the ones you could have been eligible to win:



We have sent out invitations to submit feedback! The summary of these responses will be posted on our event archive when it is completed!



Here are some personal experiences shared.

Positive messages:

  • Cat Stickers had a booth in the SixPM Software hall at Dygycon 8 and it was so so fun. I hosted an AMA that went super well, and met some amazing artists too. Hanging out in the chill zones on the beanbags was also one of my favourite things to do, and the late night conversions with everyone is always something to remember. Thanks for hosting this awesome event, it really has changed how I can interact with my community (and others). - Saskia, creator of Cat Stickers on WAX (https://www.catstickersnft.com/) @catstickersnft on Twitter

  • This was an amazing event! With high numbers of attendees and a wide array of projects present, it really felt like a convention! Lots of fun hanging out with friends, meeting new ones and doing some serious networking. All without needing to leave the comfort of my home - I am disabled and have various mobility issues, so the fact i could attend without travelling was truly amazing for me, thank you!! can't wait for the next one :D

  • Being an introvert cons can be very intimating. This is exacerbated by still being quite new to NFT spaces. DYGYCON has really provided a bridge from clientele to artists. It makes guiding NFT spaces somewhat easier, not prefect, but not as uncomfortable. D7 was my first DYGYCON and I can notice I don't feel as uncomfortable. I was majorly surprised to see that I even made comment during AMAs, like that is a huge growth. Hopefully attending these cons will help me be even more comfortable in NFT spaces.

Improvement suggestions:

  • Get mobile ASAP. You are severely limiting your audience without it. Streamline SWAG giveaways, I shouldn't have to put my WAX in 20 times. Once is enough.

  • Maybe have a low-bandwitdth browser option for folks who just want to see what each exhibitor has to say. I'd rather just click on a list of links than navigate through virtual halls.

  • My kid loved the visuals and interrupted me. He wanted to "play". I was just exploring so i couldn't give control directly. So the best option was to quit right at the beginning for me. A parental lock might be nice, then my minion can show me around and when he got bored i can explore the blurred content.


We’re looking at a weekend in May. Keep an eye out for updates either at the @splinterlands Town Hall or on our Twitter (@dygycon). All past sponsors will get first dibs on the invitation to the next DYGYCON along with an event deck to provide additional information. Most other information can be found on the website.


For any questions, feel free to comment and send an email to @waffleskitty ([email protected]).


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