DYGYCON 8 Update

Authored by @waffleskitty


Updated Graphics

Everything looks a little more…3D and rendered some kinda way. We think it looks cool and let’s explore some of this. You can now access the graphic settings menu from the gear icon. Have you RSVP'd to the event yet?



Remodeled Areas

If you had visited ETHDenver recently, you’ll see that @gamerjibe upgraded the spawn point area which we call the Welcome Room!


Welcome Room

Your new spawning point is now in a cityscape-looking environment! The Tailgate and Patio are accessible from this spawn point to your left and right. There will be a pond fishing area behind your spawn point and a large walkway leading into the Exhibitor Room lobby. We are expecting to have our Photo Booth displayed in this area as well. You will also see the next section leading into the Welcome Room lobby with doors leading to the Community Lounge, Party Room, and Presentation Room for the NFT Auction House.


Exhibit Halls

Before, we were used to exhibitor booths lining against three walls, but the space has now expanded to fit even more booths than before! You’ll also see a directory stand where you can scroll and view information about the booths in the hall. There will be one wall leading back to the Welcome Room and the rest of the walls feature high glass windows replicating the same cityscape environment you saw when spawning in.

We have the following halls from these sponsors:

  • Atomic Hall
  • EMP
  • SixPM Software
  • Gala Games
  • Gooeys
  • Green Rabbit
  • Jungle Bay Ape Club
  • Splinterlands

How are exhibits placed?

There can be up to 5 exhibit sets. Exhibit sets can have 3 small booths, 2 medium booths, or 1 large booth.
Here are all the ways you can teleport at DYGYCON. Only the Patio will have a teleportation console.

Teleport Button

This is the most common way to teleport into any available room/hall.


You can teleport directly from the event landing page on the schedule tab. You can also teleport inside the event when clicking on the schedule button at the top right. During the event, when you are inside and an event is coming up, you will be prompted by a pop-up notification and asked if you’d like to teleport there.


When you click on any sponsor booth, you can teleport directly by clicking on the exhibitor booth’s name and then clicking the link to “Go To Exhibit” button.

See you there

The Photo Booth was updated with early sponsor logos, the space is upgraded, we've got new projects to meet, and so much more! We're excited to meet you this weekend!



View the event landing page on @gamerjibe for the entire weekend schedule.

D8 Schedule update with dogira dev panel.png

Events include:

  • DYGYCON Achievement Badges
  • DYGYCON Scavenger Hunt
  • DYGYCON NFT Auction House
  • Sponsor meetings including AMAs
  • Party Room DJ sessions
  • Saturday Livestream Talks

The schedule was just updated to accommodate a Developer’s Panel hosted by Dogira! We’re looking forward to the livestream this Saturday and hope you all can join in starting 3/19 at 2pm EST.


We’ve got a whole lineup of SWAG available for you to explore once you enter DYGYCON tomorrow! Don’t miss out and if you want learn more about DYGYCON, visit the website!

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