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Vouchers dropping today and the price is going up!

These Vouchers are out of hand in my opinion and if I did not want the cards I would be selling mine at these ridiculous prices. As a matter of fact I will be listing them at 50 HIVE each, why not as I think I will be able to buy untamed packs at near the price of a CL card pack.

Buy Vouchers on Leo Dex


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Looks like Vouchers dropped on time

Screenshot (473).png

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Voucher Chart 1st Hour

Screenshot (474).png

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Dept Chart

Screenshot (477).png

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Screenshot (476).png

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VOUCHER Nearing $2k Volume

Screenshot (478).png

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Sell & Buy Orders

Screenshot (475).png

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Splinterlands is growing very fast and still has opportunities if you have the capital. Now let's take a look at another HIVE game that is in early funding yet is described as one of the hottest games in development.


Last Day to be a Warlord & Increased Income was 5PM Pacific Today

Scroll below, I show you who the Warlords of Psyber-X are!
I passed 5 Million shares to my eldest son @troygreen as taxes doing it next year or two could be very difficult & without delay here is the post from @psyberx detailing the NFT deadline requirements

The ability to get the Tier 1 Founder Edition NFT will end tomorrow at 5:00pm PST
Those that qualify will start receiving their NFT on Monday
Please let us know if you have not received your NFT by Tuesday
The Tier 2 and Tier 3 NFTs are still in effect and will discontinue on November 10th.
all details for these two NFTs are here:
I would also like to call attention to the two newest NFTs available for purchase on NFTshowroom.
Every sale will go directly into funding development, and there will only be a certain quantity every made.
Create your own character will have 20 maximum ever created (One has already been purchased)
You are still early!
As always make sure to join us on Discord to get the most updated information:
We also have some exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks.

Now let's take a look at the Warlords

& More Top LVL Hodlers

Screenshot (467).png

Screenshot (468).png

Screenshot (469).png

Screenshot (470).png

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This is a look back at my post yesterday where I tried wake you up

Screenshot (443).png

Psyber X Launches More NFTs

Yet look at the deadline for tier 1!!!

Requirements for the NFT drop are:
You must have a minimum of 5,000,000 lvl token in your wallet at the designated time.
Designated time of counting for qualifying wallets will take place on Sunday, October 17th at 5:00pm. A snapshot will be taken of all wallets, and NFTs will be distributed among qualified candidates.

Psyber X NFT Requirements

The NFT requirements link just above include that necessary for the different NFTs. The link just below here you can click to buy LVL coin on Leo.

Buy LVL Token on Leo Dex

Tier 1 NFT

Now this is the Warlord Founder NFT that will bind to your account and has many perks. I will give it to you straight, these games rarely see light yet after doing some due diligence I for one am a believer that this level of investment will create Psyber X Millionaires in the coming years. *this is not investment advice, incase it ruins your life!

Tier 2 NFT

This looks much more appealing than the tier 3 NFT with just 1 weapon. On the link just below you can click it to join the Psyber X community on Discord chat.

Psyber X Discord


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Tier 3 NFT


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Burst Laser Rifle


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This laser rifle is going to be one of the more powerful weapons in the game and is only issued to founding investors who hold a certain amount of shares by a specified date or buy the NFT. How many shares you ask? What date you say? I want you to look at the link just below to see from the team themselves. (don't delay the date is not days away yet a day away)

Psyber X Chart

Updated from just 2 days ago when i posted about Psyber X and as you can see not much has changed. The rush to beat the deadline has not gotten out, maybe founders donot want too much power in others hands and such a low entry price. (imagine buying a land region of 1,000 land plots for $10,000 and one recently sold for $700,000 on WAX, this nft is a fraction of that price)

Todays Updated Chart!

Screenshot (464).png

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Psyber X Depth

Some change in this sell wall, it seems to be pushing higher.... wait what sell wall?

![Screenshot (465).png]()
[image source]( ####
Psyber X Volume

The volume was hot when I posted 2 days ago yet now... the wind stopped carrying the sails until today...

![Screenshot (466).png]()
[image source]( --- #### Thank You

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I was happy to see my name on this list on psyber-x. Will add lvl before snapshot for tier 3 haha.


And in yesterdays post I believe you got tagged as a large share holder! you are almost tier 2 as tier 3 is just the laser gun, 2 is the better investment in my opinion!