Splinterlands skins investment for sps airdrop points


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Ok, recently I rebuilt my Splinterlands deck after having to move my risky spt investment that saw my airdrop points and curation cut in half for no reason other than I had 1 million spt delegated to @spt-curate and saw my airdrop points and curation return to normal once delegation returned. Anyways, I successfully re-invested my spt holdings into Splinterlands cards. I have since seen around a 5g increase in value with these cards, https://peakmonsters.com/@dynamicgreentk/cards, while spt keeps pushing down in price. No use case for these NFTs on splintertalk.io, consolidated spt power with one account and playing with curation rewards with no whitepaper, is not helping spt at all.

While simply hodling dec is the best move for airdrop points, I see these cards/digital assets as a better long term hold. Any revenue I have lost from airdrop points, since moving away from spt, I have made up with card rentals and acquiring loot chests from ranking to diamond and daily quests each season.

Non-Chaos Gold Rare cards still are a great buy for airdrop points, higher rental rates and dec rewards from battles but now acquiring Splinterlands: Splinterstorm Skins is the most financially sound move for just sps airdrop points, in my opinion. At 50% off there are still complete sets Common and Rare skins.

Screenshot (399).png

The skins in a way are a great store of value for dec and the sps airdrop points will pay for them eventually. Not much skins left but maybe dec will go down in price as selling pressure happens to buy Chaos packs in December but maybe not maybe Hive is about to bounce up and bull run it. That will make it hard for dec to feasibly get below $0.01... until DAOs happen and the community decides the fate of dec ie peg or not to peg.

Really just wanted to send out a signal to people that skins are almost sold out, how great the airdrop points are for them and that Gold non Chaos cards are great buys still but not like these skins at 50% off and almost sold out.

Still, acquiring dec and sps as there is selling pressure for Chaos packs might be best long term move especially for Riftwatchers. I suspect dec might make big moves upwards in price as Riftwatchers starts to become a reality next year.