Thinking of selling my Splinterlands cards for a cryptovoxel parcel and delegated HP

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Now that I have settled down from investing into @splinterlands cards, I have started buying NFTs from @nftshowroom again. Finally, I started exploring the Nftshowroom booth over at Cryptovoxels

@juliakponsford and co. has done an amazing job with this Metaverse endeavor and the ETH bridge is beautiful! This makes our Hive NFTs from exponentially more valuable! My perspective has changed rapidly with Hive as cross chain asset management is emerging finally and we are being utilized as something more than a social media chain. My perspective is also changing rapidly on @hivepunks. I see the support clearly being given to NFTshowroom on multiple levels with this project, cool hype towards Hive because of it and honestly they are growing on me. I might get one or two after I get few more key sexy Hive art pieces at

Before I go on further, I am thinking of selling my Splinterlands cards specifically to buy a parcel here at Cryptovoxels and buy more Delegated Hive power from @blocktrades. My Splinterlands cards are leveled for Max Gold level competition and has a nice diverse set splinters, summoners, neutrals and golds.

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There are parcels available for 1-1.5 ETH in various areas but San Francisco has a special place in my heart, considering I left my heart there maybe more than once...

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If I do sell my cards to acquire a parcel here I would use the remaining funds to buy more Delegated Hive Power to further support NFT artists here on Hive.

What do you think? I am in no rush to sell my Splinterlands cards but I would find more satisfaction owning a parcel on Cryptovoxels and promoting Hive artists. I have some money coming to me in a few months and could jump into metaverse then but I think there is a great opportunity now.

Should I just hodl my cards? Would you buy them for 12g instead 17g?

Either way exciting things coming for Hive and glad to see the cross chain asset management happening and in the metaverse nonetheless...

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