Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge : My Second Battle With The DHAMPIR STALKER


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Hello, Everyone.
How are you all? I hope everyone is having a nice day.
Here I'm again sharing my second battle for the weekly battle challenge of Splinterlands with the DHAMPIR STALKER. I usually share one battle, one battle every week, but this time, I played many matches to reach the gold league. And finally, I am in the gold league for the first time. However, it was not so easy for me. I face many problems like rental issues. I always rent cards at the beginning of the season, but sometimes the rented cards are removed from the rent by the owner, which makes me rent cards again.
But I'm happy to reach the Gold league.

I always post explanations of weekly battle challenges, but I'm sharing the battle video with my explanation this time. I hope everyone will like this post. In this post, I'm going to share my lineup.

How to create a post for Splinterlands Weekly battle challenge?

Splinterlands challenges all players to play with a specific monster each week. This challenge helps them to earn a vote from splinterlands or steemmonsters. To get a vote from splinterlands, a player has to follow the rules given by splinterlands. Every week splinterlands post about the rules. Most of the rules remain the same, just the monster changes.

  • This week's rules are:-
  1. Have to share a battle with DHAMPIR STALKER.
  2. Have to share a post or video about the battle.
  3. Have to describe the lineup.
  4. Have to answer this question-
    • Did your strategy work?
    • What will you try differently next time?
  1. Share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. You Must use the splinterlands and play2earn tag in the post.


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Battle Link-1
I shared This battle video.
Battle Link-2
Same Lineup but with different summoner and different rules.
Battle Link-3
Almost the same lineup, but I selected different monsters for the different rules this time.

Battle Rules

Armored Up: All the monster will get two additional armour in addition to their normal armour set. That means all of my monsters will have two additional shields in this battle, and the same applies to the opponent's monsters.
COUNTERSPELL:All the monster will get magic attack reflection ability.Because of this ability, every monster will counter back the magic attacks. So adding magic attacking monsters in this battle will be foolishness.
imageedit_11_3829489257.pngMANA CAP: The mana cap for this battle was 99. However, I used six monsters which cost me just 41 mana.
Most of the summoner was active for this battle except the life summoner. I used the dragon summoner in this battle.


imageedit_1_5306168167.pngKRETCH TALLEVOR: Kretch is an epic dragon summoner of Reward edition. It is one of the low-costing dragon summoners. It doesn't have any ability to add or remove life or attack, and it cannot increase any ability of its teammates.

Why I used this summoner?
Answer: In my last battle, I already used the death summoner for the death element monster. So this time, I want to play with the different summoner to see how it performs.

1.HAUNTED SPIRIT:Haunted Spirit is a rare death monster. It is a beta edition monster. It only has the Healing ability from level 1 to 3. And at level 4, the Magic Reflect ability is added to its Healing power. Gains Void ability at level 7. That is, it has three valuable abilities at the Max level. It's an excellent monster for only five mana. It has the melee attack with excellent abilities.

Why did I place it in the first position?

  • Answer: The main reason for placing Haunted Spirit first is its Healing ability. It can increase its health every round. I used level 4 Haunted Spirit. It reduces three health of opponent monsters in each round.

2.ARACHNE THUGimageedit_12_4844954026.pngArachne Thug is a common monster of Riftwatcher's Death Unit. It is a great monster with a six-mana cost. It has the Reach ability from level 1 to 4. Due to its Reax ability, it can hit the opponent's monster from the 2nd position. At level 5, the Trample and level 9, the knockout power add. It has a melee attack. It also has Shield along with Health.

Why did I place it in the second position?

  • Answer: Reachability is the main reason for placing this monster in the second position. This is an excellent monster at six mana cost. I used level 4 Arachne thug in the battle, and it reduced three health in every round.
3. SAND WORMimageedit_12_9314585145.pngSand Worm is a common neutral monster of reward edition. It is a high mana-costing monster, and its damage is also great. It has the sneak ability, which means it could attack from any position. At the highest level, it also gets snare and piercing ability.

Why did I place it in the third position?

  • Answer: This was the last monster that could attack from any position, and after that, all monster was with the ranged attack, so I placed it in the third position. The main reason for selecting this monster was its sneak ability. I used a level 4 sand worm, which had six melee attacks.
4. OCTOPIDERimageedit_5_8174104636.pngOctopider is a Rare Death monster of the Reward edition. It is an eight-mana costing monster with a ranged attack. It has no ability at levels 1 and 2, but it gets Demoralize ability from level 3, and the Blind ability is added at level 7. It cost eight mana

Why did I place it in the fourth position?

  • Answer: The reason for keeping Octopieder in the fourth position is its Health and ranged attack ability. I used level 4 Octopieder. It reduced the four health of the opponent monster with its four ranged attacks.
5. GRIM REAPERimageedit_8_8493918691.pngThe grim Reaper is also a death unite rare monster of Reward edition. It is a monster with ranged attacks. It has the Affliction ability from level 1, which can remove the Healing ability of the opponent's monster with Healing ability. If the monster hits a monster with the healing ability, that monster will lose that ability. Oppress ability is added at level 5, and piercing ability at level 8.

Why did I place it in the fifth position?

  • Answer: I noticed that opponent used a healing monster in the last couple of battles. That's why I had to select this monster to stop the opponent's monster healing. This Grim Reaper had Affliction ability. It stops healing.This Affliction ability was the main reason for adding this monster to my lineup. And it helped me a lot.
6. DHAMPIR STALKERimageedit_14_3481779910.pngDHAMPIR STALKER is a Rare Death Monster. This is a Chaos Legion edition monster with ranged attack and extraordinary abilities. In the lower level, I mean from level 1 to 4, it has the True attack ability. And in the 5 to max level, there is the Deathblow ability with the True Attack ability

Why did I place it in the sixth position?

  • Answer: It is a highly damaging monster with four ranged attacks. In each round, it takes four life from opponent monsters. I used this monster in this battle for its high damage capability and true attack ability. And placed in the last position because it is a ranged attacking monster.



Question Answer

Question: Did your strategy work?
Yes, After watching the battle rules, I didn't add any magic-attacking monsters and tried to select the highest total mana-costing monsters, but as I was successful in the last battle, I thought the previous lineup would be enough for this battle. And after the battle, I was surprised by two magic-attacking monsters in the opponent's lineup. If the opponent monster came with something other, like a non-magic attacking monster, I could not win this match.

That's All. I tried to present my battle differently as I usually do. And I Hope That Everyone will like this. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment below.

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