Splinterlands Weekly Battle challenge : My battle with DJINN APPRENTICE


Hello, Everyone.

Another week and another weekly battle challenge from splinterlands. This week splinterlands set a weekly battle challenge with DJINN APPRENTICE.

In this post, I will share my Battle and explain my monster position and every round. I will also share my monster abilities and why I used them in this Battle. I hope everyone will enjoy this Battle and my explanations.

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Battle Challenge Rules.

Splinterlands challenges all players to play with a specific monster each week. This challenge helps them to earn a vote from splinterlands or steemmonsters. To get a vote from splinterlands, a player has to follow the rules given by splinterlands. Every week splinterlands post about the rules. Most of the rules remain the same, just the monster changes.

  • This week's rules are:-
  1. Have to share a battle with DJINN APPRENTICE.
  2. Have to share a post or video about the Battle.
  3. Have to describe the lineup.
  4. Have to answer this question-
    • Did your strategy work?
    • What will you try differently next time?
  1. Have to share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  2. You Must use the splinterlands and play2earn tag in the post.


This is my Battle with DJINN APPRENTICE.


Click Here To watch the Battle..

Before going to my explanation of my lineup, I want to describe the DJINN APPRENTICE



DJINN APPRENTICE is a rare fire monster from the chaos legion edition. It costs five mana for Battle. It doesn't have any ability till it is level 5. At level 6, it has deathblow ability. It will take 60 cards for level 6.



It has four life at level 1 and the highest five at level 8. It has two magic attacks at level 1 and the highest four at level 8. It doesn't have any shield at any level. Its speed is two at level 1 and four at level 8. It has no ability until level 5. But at level 6, it has deathblow ability. I have to say it is a decent fire monster.


Combat Rules.

1. Explosive Weaponry: All of my monsters will have blast ability because of the Explosiv Weaponry combat rules. According to this rule, the monster who got attacked will lose his life and the monster around him.



That means I could select the highest 30-mana-costing or less-costing monster total. I used a total of 5 monsters in this Battle.

My Lineup.

My Team.

  1. Molten Ogre.
  2. Magma Troll.
  3. Tenyll Striker.
  4. Djinn Apprentice.
  5. Goblin Fire mage.

Opponent Team.

  1. Unicorn Mustang.
  2. Failed Summoner.
  3. Child Of The Forest.
  4. Regal Peryton.
  5. Khmer Princess.
  6. Goblin Psychic.

Now I will share my thought on why I used a specific monster in one particular position and share the details of my card's level and abilities.


Malric Inferno.png

Malric is one of my favourite fire monsters. As an old player, I played many matches with this summoner. Malric is an alpha-beta edition fire summoner. It increases the melee attack of my monsters. It costs just three mana for Battle.

  • I used level 2 Malric in this Battle. I like this card because it costs less and increases one melee attack. It also helped me to get extra seasonal and focus points as it is an alpha-beta card. I could use level 3 common, Level 2 rare, Level 2 epic and level 1 legendary monsters for level 2 Malric.



1.Molten Ogre.
It is a common fire monster from the promo edition. It is a high mana cap monster. It cost me nine mana for this Battle. I used level 3 Molten Ogre, which has 11 life with three melee attacks and two speeds. It has demoralised ability. Because of the demoralising ability, my opponent lost one melee attack. In addition, it also had blast ability because of the combat rules.

  • The reason for using this monster at the first position was its 11 life, which is from the promo edition.


2.Magma Troll.
Magma troll is a low costing incredible monster. Magma troll is a common fire monster from unteamed edition. It cost four mana and had four life with two melee attacks and three speeds. It had reachability. That means it can attack the opponent's first monster from the second position. Because of the combat rule, it had blast ability in this Battle.

  • Because of its reachability, I used it in the second position, costing me low.


3.Tenyll Striker.
Tenyll Striker is a rare fire monster from the chaos legion edition. It is a game-changing monster. If you watch my Battle, you should notice that. It cost five mana. I used level 2 Tenyll for this Battle. It had six life with three melee attacks and three speeds. It also had the sneak ability. That means it can attack from any position. Because of the battle rule, it had blast ability in this Battle.

  • I knew it was a game-changing card, so I used it in the third position, which means in the middle. At the beginning of the Battle, it managed to kill one of the most valuable monsters from the opponent's lineup.


4.Djinn Apprentice.
Djinn is today's main character for the weekly battle challenge. I used level 2 Djinn for this Battle. It cost me five mana. It had five life with two magic attacks and three speeds. In addition, the combat rule also had blast ability in this Battle.

  • There was no melee attacking card after Tenyll Striker. That's why I placed this monster in 4 positions. Because of that, it lasted long and contributed to this Battle.


5.Goblin Fire mage.
Gobline Fire mage is also a low-cost epic fire monster from Unteamed edition. I used a level 2 goblin fire mage in this Battle. It had three life with two magic and two speeds. It had Dispel ability. This ability removes all the positive status affect from a monster when it gets attacked by that monster.

  • I used it in the last position because it had just three life. Its dispel ability is also another reason for using it in the last place.

There were three rounds in this Battle. Now I'm telling what happened in those rounds.






At first, the summoner and other monsters applied their abilities. The opponent team started battling first. The opponent's REGAL PERYTON hits my team's Molten first, causing MOLTEN to lose two life. And my team's Magma Troll also lost a life due to the blast ability of Regal. After that child of the forest attacked the djinn and because of that djinn, tenyll and the goblin mage lost one life each. In the first round, the opponent's last attack was attacked by the unicorn mustang. After that, it was my turn. My tenyll finish two cards of the opponent together. In this round opponent lost a total of 3 monsters. That was the end of the first round.






In the second round, I lost Magma Troll and Goblin Fire mage, But the opponent just lost Child Of The Forest. Here I was, worried about my win.






That was the last round. In this round, I lost my Molten at the very beginning. But My remaining Tenyll and Djinn killed opponents' unicorn Mustang without missing any attack.

Battle Result.


Question Answer.

Question: Did your strategy work?

Answer: Yes, My strategy worked perfectly as I thought. Tenyll Striker did a great job . I think because of the Tenyll, I win this Battle. And the Djinn Apprentice is also an excellent choice for this Battle.

Question: What will you try differently next time?
Answer: Yes, I want to try to select a ranged attack card at the Goblin Fire Mage position. And Also, use a more powerful monster in the second position. I have a plan to select six monsters instead of 5 for this; I need to unselect the Molten Ogre. I will do this thing next.

That's All.



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