Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: My Battle with REGAL PERYTON


Hello, Everyone.

Another week another splinterlands challenge. This post is about splinterlands weekly battle challenge post with REGAL PERYTON.

In this post, I will share my Battle and explain my monster position and every round. I will also share my monster abilities and why I used them in this Battle. I hope everyone will enjoy this Battle and my explanations.


Battle Challenge Rules.

Splinterlands challenges all players to play with a specific monster each week. This challenge helps them to earn a vote from splinterlands or steemmonsters. To get a vote from splinterlands, a player has to follow the rules given by splinterlands. Every week splinterlands post about the rules. Most of the rules remain the same, just the monster changes.

  • This week's rules are:-
  1. Have to share a battle with REGAL PERYTON.
  2. Have to share a post or video about the Battle.
  3. Have to describe the lineup.
  4. Have to answer this question-
    • Did your strategy work?
    • What will you try differently next time?
  1. Have to share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. You Must use the splinterlands and play2earn tag in the post.


This is my Battle with REGAL PERYTON.

Battle Link


Before starting, let's learn about REGAL PERYTON.

Monster Introduction.


REGAL PERYTON is a Rare Earth monster of Chaos Legion Edition. It has the flying ability and is one of the highest-speed monsters. It has a magic attack ability. It has just one ability at all levels.



I used level 2 gold REGAL PERYTON in this Battle, which has one magic attack, six speed, and six health. At level 2, it just has the flying ability. It doesn't have any shield or other special skills at any level. But it was so valuable in my Battle and did a great job.

The current price of this monster is 0.37$ for a level one non-gold foil REGAL PERYTON and 2.92$ for a level 2 gold foil REGAL PERYTON. I used to rent all my cards at the beginning of the season. I rented a non-gold foil monster at the being of the season but recently rented the gold one for the battle challenge.


It cost me 5.941 dec per day. It is so easy to rent a card from peak monster.


My Team
Oppenent Team
Summoner: OBSIDIAN
1. Stone Golem1. Failed Summoner
2. Bramble Pixie2. Unicorn Mustang
4. Mushroom Seer4. Khmer Princess
5. Regal Peryton5. Goblin Psychic
6. Magi of forest6. Elven Mystic

Combate Rule.


There was just a combat rule in this Battle.


  • Healed Out: All monsters will lose their healing ability.

That means if I use any healer or any monster who can heal cant use their healing ability. It could not cure himself or other monsters.


Mana Cap: The mana cap for this Battle was 32. That means my opponent and I could use 32 mana monsters. I used a total of 6 monsters that cost 29 mana. I thought 29 mana would be enough for this Battle.

Now, I'm explaining my monster's position and also going to say what benefit I got from their places.

Why I used this summoner instead of others?


LYANNA NATURA: This is an Alpha Beta Rare Earth Summoner. One of the oldest summoners in splinterlands. It increases one health of its team.

  • I used level 3 Lyanna Natura in my Battle. Lyanna is one of my favorite monsters as an old player. I used to with this summoner. And also think this is one of my lucky summoners. I won most of my Battle with this summoner. I used a level Three summoner in this Battle, and because of that, I could use level four common monsters, Level three rare monsters, Level 2 epic, and Level 2 Legendary monsters. It cost only three mana.

Monster's Position.

First Position: Stone Golem

STONE GOLEM is an alpha-beta rare earth monster. It has the melee attack ability with the shield. It costs five mana for Battle. It is a low-speed monster. It has the defense ability, which helps to reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks.

  • The reason for using this stone golem in the first position was its shield ability. I used a level three stone golem in this Battle. It had six health with three defenses, which meant nine life. It had two melee attacks with two speeds. Its position helps me a lot in this Battle.


Second Position: Bramble Pixie

BRAMBLE PIXIE is a common earth riftwatchers monster. It has a melee attack with reachability. Because of the reachability, I could attack from the second position.

  • Because of the reachability, I used it in the second position. I used level four Bramble Pixie in this Battle which cost me seven mana and had nine life with two speeds. It has four melee attacks at level 4. Those four melee attacks helped me to wipe opponent's monsters.


Third Position: Screeching Vulture

SCREECHING VULTURE is a common reward earth monster. It is an incredible monster because of its opportunity and flying ability. This opportunity ability can attack any monster from any position, and it will target the lowest health monster to kill early. It has a melee attack.

  • The reason for having this monster in the third position was the opportunity ability. I used level 4 Vulture in this Battle. It had three health and three speed with two melee attacks. It targeted the lowest health monsters at the beginning of the fight.


Fourth Position: Mushroom Seer

MUSHROOM SEER is a rare reward earth monster. It has the magic attack and silence ability. This silence ability will reduce one magic attack from opponent monsters.

  • The reason for using this monster in the fourth position is nothing. I need to use this monster because of its silence ability. In the battle rule, I saw only earth and dragon monsters can be used by the opponent and me. So I thought the opponent could come with the magic attack, so I selected these monsters. I used level 3 Mushroom in this Battle which cost me five mana and had four health with speed and two magic attacks. My thought was right. The opponent came with magic-attacking monsters.


Fifth Position: Regal Peryton

REGAL PERYTON is a rare earth chaos legion monster. It has the magic attack with the flying ability. That is the monster I must use in this Battle for the splinterlands weekly battle challenge.

  • I used this monster in the fifth position for its high speed and magic attack. I was confused about where I needed to use this monster. Then I thought it would be better to use it in the second last position. I used level 2 Gold Regal Peryton in this Battle which cost me five mana and had six life and six-speed with a magic attack.


Sixth Position: Magi Of The Forest

MAGI OF THE FOREST is an alpha-beta epic earth monster. It has two magic attacks. It is one of the most beautiful monsters on the earth element.

  • I used this monster to this monster to full fill my last slot, and I know that it is an excellent low mana card that has a magic attack. I used level 2 Magi of the forest in this Battle. It cost four mana and had four health with two speed and two magic spells.


Now, I am telling what happens in every round.






  • My summoner increased the health of one of my monsters, and the opposing summoner raised the MAGIC Attack of one of his monsters

  • But my Mushroom Seer reduces one of their magic attacks with its Silence ability.

  • Regal Peryton made the first attack of this Battle.
    It hits the opponent's Failed Summoner with its magic attack. This reduces one health of the Failed Summoner. However, due to the Failed Summoner's reflect ability, regal Peryton's magic attack reflects and hits him, so he also loses one health.

  • After that, the opponent's Regal Peryton hits my stone golem and reduces one health.

  • At this stage, my team's screeching vulture hits and kills the opponent Khmer Prince.

  • Magi of the forest hits the opponent's Failed Summoner with its magic attack. It reduces two health, but again due to the magic reflection of the Failed Summoner, it reflects a magic attack and hits the magi of the forest. Magi of the forest lose life in this.

  • My team's Mushroom Seer makes the next attack. He drains the Failed Summoner's remaining health with two of his magic attacks, causing the Failed Summoner to die. But before dying, my mushroom seer's health is reduced by magic reflect ability.

  • The Elven Mystic hits my Stone golem with his magic attack and reduces one health.

  • On the 15th step of this round, my Stone golem hits the Unicorn Mustang with its melee attack, reducing two health. And Bramble Pixie reduced four health by switching to Unicorn Mustang with its reachability.

  • Goblin Psychic makes the last attack of the first round. Although it had healing ability, it could not be used due to the combat rule.






  • Regal Peryton did the first blow in this round. It hits the Unicorn Mustang with its magic attack, but because of the voidability of the Unicorn Mustang, it survives the magic attack and does not lose any health.

  • The opponent's regal Peryton hits my team's Stone golem with his magic attack, causing my Stone golem to lose another health.

  • The opposing Unicorn Mustang makes its first attack. But because of my Stone golem's shield, it defended it. In particular, Stone Golem's shield tab was saved this time.

  • My team's Screeching Vulture hits the golem psychic with its opportunity ability to reduce two health.

  • After that, the Magi of the forest hit the Unicorn Mustang with two of his magic attacks, but because of its voidability, instead of losing two health, it lost one health.

  • Similarly, Mushroom seer attacks, but this time only manages to reduce one health.

  • Reduces one health of my Stone golem with the Elven Mystic magic attack.

  • My team's stone golem killed the opponent's Unicron mustang at this stage with its melee attack.

  • Bramble Pixie hits Regal Peryton during this phase but fails to reduce health due to its flying ability.

  • I lost my team's Stone Golem. The opponent's goblin psychic reduces my stone golem's remaining one health with its magic attack, killing it.






  • Again, my team's regal Peryton attacked first. It hits the opponent's regal Peryton and reduces two life. And after the opposing Regal, Peryton takes their life by hitting Bramble Pixie.

  • Screeching Vulture kills the opponent's goblin psychic during this phase.

  • .Magi of the forest hits the regal Peryton with her magic attack, reducing two health. After that, Mushroom seer and Regal hit Peryton similarly, reducing his two health.

  • Elven mystic hits my team's Bramble Pixie and reduces one health

  • Bramble Pixie attacks last but misses again.






  • Regal Peryton was Killed by reducing the remaining health of the opponent's Regal Peryton.

  • The opponent's last monster, ELVEN Mystic, was quickly killed by everyone hitting them one by one.



My lineup worked adequately, and I won the match. The opponent massed up in his lineup. Otherwise, there was a chance of defeat.

Question Answer.

Question: Did your strategy work?

  • Answer: Yes. It worked as I thought. I chose the best possible team with my little monsters. Especially the Stone Golem, Mushroom Seer, and Screcching Vulture did a great job in this Battle.

Question: What will you try differently next time?

  • After that match, I tried other strategies with The Regal Peryton. Its speed is a blessing for this monster. Many monsters missed him on the battlefield.

Some of my other Battle with Regal Peryton are given below-

Battle Link

Battle Link

Battle Link


That's All For The Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge.



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