Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: My battle With The DHAMPIR STALKER


Hello, Everyone.

Here is another weekly splinterlands challenge. Every week I wait for the splinterlands weekly battle challenge, where I can show my unique battles. This post is about splinterlands weekly battle challenge post with DHAMPIR STALKER.


In this post, I will share my Battle and explain my monster position and every round. I will also share my monster abilities and why I used them in this Battle. I hope everyone will enjoy this Battle and my explanations. I tried my best to explain this Battle hope everyone will like and if anyone has any suggestions, please share them with me.

Battle Challenge Rules.

Splinterlands challenges all players to play with a specific monster each week. This challenge helps them to earn a vote from splinterlands or steemmonsters. To get a vote from splinterlands, a player has to follow the rules given by splinterlands. Every week splinterlands post about the rules. Most of the rules remain the same, just the monster changes.

  • This week's rules are:-
  1. Have to share a battle with DHAMPIR STALKER.
  2. Have to share a post or video about the Battle.
  3. Have to describe the lineup.
  4. Have to answer this question-
    • Did your strategy work?
    • What will you try differently next time?
  1. Share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. You Must use the splinterlands and play2earn tag in the post.


This is my Battle with DHAMPIR STALKER.

Battle Link

VS (1).gif

Before starting, let's learn about the DHAMPIR STALKER.

Monster Introduction.


DHAMPIR STALKER is a Rare Death Monster. This is a Chaos Legion edition monster with ranged attack and extraordinary abilities. In the lower level, I mean from level 1 to 4, it has the True attack ability. And in the 5 to max level, there is the Deathblow ability with the True Attack ability. The true attack ability is so helpful in many battles. It is a high mana-costing monster, so it is unsuitable for all mana-cap battles. But I think it could be an excellent choice for a 30+ mana cap battle though I used DHAMPIR STALKER in a below 30 mana cap battle and won.




The current price of the Regular Dhampir Stalker is 0.09$, and the Gold Foil Dhampir Stalker is 1.39$ according to the Splintercards. At this price, it is a great rare monster. And Its price is fallen so much. I rented this monster for this season. I rented level 4 Dhampir Stalker for this season. The rental cost for this is 4.677 dec per day. After renting this monster, I used it in more than 20+ battles.


My Team
Oppenent Team

Battle Rules.


1. Taking Sides: No Neutral monster can be used in this Battle.
  • Because of this rule, my opponent and I both can't use monsters Neutral monsters in this Battle. We can use monsters from the Summoner we selected. I picked death Summoner in this Battle, meaning I could use only the Death monsters.
2.Active Summoner: In this Battle, the rule was set that we only can use fire and death summoners in this Battle.
  • We were allowed to use just two summoners in this Battle. The fire and death summoner was opened for the Battle, and the remaining was locked and couldn't be chosen in the Battle.
download.png3. Mana-cap: Total 46 mana costing monster can be used in the battle.
  • We can use a total of 6 monsters which cost less than 46 mana. It can be less than 46 mana.

Line-Up Explanation.




Zintar Mortals is a Rare Death Summoner. It is a Beta Edition summoner. It reduces one melee attack from the opponent's monsters. It costs three mana in the Battle.

Why I used this Summoner?

  • Zintar Mortalis is one of my favourite summoners. This is the only Summoner I use when I have to play with Death monsters. In the battle rule, you could see that only the fire and death summoner was active for the Battle, and I didn't have a higher-level fire summoner at that time, so I chose this Summoner. The second reason for selecting the Zintar Mortals was the battle challenge. I wanted to complete the weekly battle challenge with Dhampir Stalker, so I used the death summoner.

I used level 4 Zintar Mortalis in this Battle which allowed me to use level 5 common, level 4 rare, level 3 epic and level 2 legendary monsters. However, I didn't use any legendary or epic monsters. With the common, Rare monsters, I won the Battle.



Haunted Spirit is a rare death monster. It is a beta edition monster. It only has the Healing ability from level 1 to 3. And at level 4, the Magic Reflect ability is added to its Healing power. Gains Void ability at level 7. That is, it has three valuable abilities at the Max level. It's an excellent monster for only five mana. It has the melee attack with excellent abilities.

Why did I place it in the first position?

  • Answer: The main reason for placing Haunted Spirit first is its Healing ability. It can increase its Health every round. I used level 4 Haunted Spirit. It costs me five mana. It had eight Health, three melee attacks, and three speed. And at level 4, there was the Magic Reflect ability with the healing ability. Its healing ability played a significant role in this Battle. It didn't die because of the Healing power. It reduced three Health in each round with its three melee attacks.


Arachne Thug is a common monster of Riftwatcher's Death Unit. It is a great monster with a six-mana cost. It has the Reach ability from level 1 to 4. Due to its Reax ability, it can hit the opponent's monster from the 2nd position. At level 5, the Trample and level 9, the knockout power add. It has a melee attack. It also has Shield along with Health.

Why did I place it in the second position?

  • Answer: The main reason for placing Arachne Thug in the second position is its Reachability. Due to its Reach ability, from the 2nd position, it had to hit the opponent's monsters and reduce their Health. In this Battle, I used Arachne Thug for the first time. I used level 4 Arachne Thug. At level 4, it had five Health and three shields. It had three melee attacks and four speeds. It was a great choice.


Cabalist is a Rare Death Monster from Riftwatcher. It is a seven-man monster. It has Amplify ability from level 1. Later, the Giant Killer ability is added at level 3 and Demoralize ability at level 6. It has the Magic attack.

Why did I place it in the third position?

  • Answer: After Cabalist, my lineup consisted of ranged attacking monsters, so I put Cabalist in the third position. I used Level 4 Cabalist. It had four Health, three magic attacks and three speed. At level 4, it had Amplify and Giant Killer abilities, but it was useless in this Battle.


Octopider is a Rare Death monster of the Reward edition. It is an eight-mana costing monster with a ranged attack. It has no ability at levels 1 and 2, but it gets Demoralize ability from level 3, and the Blind ability is added at level 7. It cost eight mana.

Why did I place it in the fourth position?

  • Answer: The reason for keeping Octopieder in the fourth position is its Health and ranged attack ability. I used level 4 Octopieder. At level 4, it has eight Health, four speeds and three ranged attacks. It had a Demoralize ability. At the beginning of the Demoralize ability battle, I reduced the opponent's Melee attack ability.


The grim Reaper is also a death unite rare monster of Reward edition. It is a monster with ranged attacks. It has the Affliction ability from level 1, which can remove the Healing ability of the opponent's monster with Healing ability. If the monster hits a monster which has the healing ability, that monster will lose that ability. Oppress ability is added at level 5, and piercing ability at level 8.

Why did I place it in the fifth position?

  • Answer: I put Grim Reaper in the fifth position because it has ranged attacks like Octopieder, and monsters with ranged attacks cannot attack from all places. I used a level 4 Grim Reaper. It had four Health, four ranged attacks and three speeds at six mana cost. Every round, it reduces four Health from the opponent's monsters. And its Affliction ability didn't come in handy.


DHAMPIR STALKER is a Rare Death Monster. This is a Chaos Legion edition monster with ranged attack and extraordinary abilities. In the lower level, I mean from level 1 to 4, it has the True attack ability. And in the 5 to max level, there is the Deathblow ability with the True Attack ability. The true attack ability is so helpful in many battles.

Why did I place it in the sixth position?

  • Answer: I placed this monster in this position because it is also a ranged attacking monster. I used level 4 Dhampir Stalker in this Battle. It cost me seven mana and had six Health, four ranged attack ability and three speed. It also had True strike ability.

There was a total of 3 rounds in this Battle. Now I'm telling you what happened in each round.






  • First, the opponent's Thaddius Brood reduced one magic attack and one Health of my monsters. And my Zintar Mortalis reduced one Melee attack of the opposing monsters. After this, the main fight beg.
  • After the Summoners use their abilities, it is the Monsters' turn to use their ability. My team's Octopieder reduced a melee attack with its Demoralize ability. In this, the opposing monsters lost a total of two Melee attacks.
  • The main battle starts with my team's Octopieder attack. It reduced the opponent's Cursed Windeku by three health with its ranged attack. After that, due to Arachne Thug's Reach-ability, it attacked the opponent's Cursed Windek from the 2nd position and reduced three health. And due to Cursed Windek's Thorn's ability, Arachne Thug lost two shields from three shields.
  • After that, the opposing Silend Sha-VI's Sneak ability directly hit the Dhampir Stalker and reduced one Health.
  • At this stage, my team's Cabalist killed Cursed Windek with his 3 Magic attacks and Dhampir Stalker with his 4 Ranged attacks. At the same time as Cursed Windek's death, Riftwing gains one health due to its Scavenger ability.
    *After Cursed Windek's death, Bone Golem replaces him. And first, the Grim Reaper attacked him and destroyed his shield.
  • The opposing Dhampir Stalker reduced three health of Haunted Spirit with its 3 Ranged attacks. After that, the Haunted Spirit gained two health with its Heal ability and completed its attack. This reduced three health of the opponent's Bone Golem.
  • The opponent's Dark Astronomer made the next attack. But it failed to reduce Health by attacking Haunted Spirit.
    Bone Golem attacks at the end of the first round. It ends the round by reducing one health of my team's Haunted Spirit with its only melee attack.






  • At the beginning of the second round, Octopieder killed the opponent's Bone Golem with its three ranged attacks. And because of the Scavenger ability, the opponent's Riftwing increased one health again. And Bone golem was replaced by Riftwing.
  • Arachne Thug now hit Riftwing and reduced three health.
  • The opponent's Silent Sha-VI once again hit my Dhampir Stalker for one Health. After that, my team's Cabalist and Grim Reaper attacked and killed the opponent's Riftwing.
  • At this stage, my team's Dhampir Stalker hits the opponent's Silent Sha-VI, and the opponent's Dhampir Stalker strikes my team's Haunted Spirit to reduce Health.
  • Immediately, the Haunted spirit increases his health with healing ability and attacks and kills the opponent's Silent Sha-VI.
  • The opponent's Dark Astronomer attacked at the end of this round, but this time the attack missed.






  • In this round, I don't have many things to explain. The opponent didn't get any chance to attack. My monsters killed them so early that they didn't get any opportunity to attack.
  • This Round confirm my win.



Yea, I won. The opponent didn't even kill any of my monsters. That was a great and easy battle for me.

Question Answer

Question: Did your strategy work?

  • Yes, it worked. But I have to say most of my monster power has gone in vain. Only Demoralize was used, and others remained unused. But I am happy that I won the match.

Question: What will you try differently next time?

  • Not next time. I tried many other strategies after that battle, and I'm giving them below. Most of them were so easy to battle for me.



The End

That's All. I tried my best to present my weekly battle challenge and hope everyone will like this. If anyone has any suggestions, you can write them in the comment.



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