The New Battle Rulesets Make Splinterlands Exciting and Challenging.


How are you all? I hope you are well. You may have noticed the new battle rules of Splinterlands. Earlier, we usually saw a maximum of 2 battle rules, but a few days ago, Splinterlands started giving three rules instead of 2. This makes the battle more challenging and fun. The new battle rules are Ferocity, Going the Distance, and Wands Out, as I noticed. These rules are not much problematic, but rulesets are exciting and challenging.

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Why do the newly added rulesets seem challenging to me?

After the new rules were added, I think winning the battle has become difficult. I don't know if it's just my win rate or everyone. Maybe I am struggling because of my collection power; I don't have many higher cards, or because of the less experience with new battle rules, it is difficult to win. But now I like the new rules. I took some new card rents to comply with the rules. But some of my battle rules, in particular, seemed very strange. Oddly enough, it felt more challenging because of some specific ruleset.

Return Fire ruleset with Going To Distance

Going To Distance
Return Fire

Due to the Going to Distance rule, no monster can be used without the ranged attacking monster, and because of Return Fire, the enemy monsters or my team monsters that attack with ranged attacks receive damage. Because of this ruleset, I could not decide what monsters to battle within the first few battles. The first reason is that I don't have any cards with the high-level close-range ability. But after a few battles, I rent ZYVAX VUUL. This helped me win some battel. But I noticed that the number of monsters with close-range abilities is not in high number. But against this rule, the new earth summoner FERNHEART is effective. Besides, the ranged attacking monsters that have healing ability will also play an influential role.

Magic Reflect with Wands Out

Magic Reflect
Wands Out

Due to the Wands Out rule, only magic-attacking monsters can be used in battle, and due to Magic Reflect, all monsters will receive the magic reflect ability. There is no way to avoid magic attacking monsters in this ruleset, but if you use it, I will face damage because of the magic reflection ability. I still haven't figured out what kind of card to use in this battle ruleset, but I have won some matches with VOID, PHASE, DIVINE SHIELD and High-Speed ​​monsters. Also, magic-attacking monsters with more health can be used in this ruleset. In this ruleset **IMMORTALIS **, the new Legendary Summoner will be much more effective.

Up Close and Personal with Melee Mayhem and Thorns

Up close and Personal
Melee Mayhem

I think this Melee Mayhem and Thorns ruleset was here before, but now Up Close and Personal have been added. As a result, no monster can be used except for the melee attacking monster, and if used, all monsters have Thorn's ability, and the attacking monster will be damaged. Here The healing ability of melee attacking monster and high health point monster is much more helpful.

Also, many Battle rulesets cannot be won easily if you don't have a lot of experience with challenging and monsters.


Here are some of the rulesets of my battle.

Reasons why the new rulesets seem exciting and fun?

To be honest, my interest in playing the splinterlands games has increased after the addition of new rulesets. I have played many battles to learn the new rules and what strategies to apply. I even got my capture rate close to 50%. Due to the new rulesets, there has been an increase in interest in renting cards which may not have been rented before. And since there are three rulesets simultaneously, the interest in watching the match has increased. Earlier I used to click on Skip To Result most of the time. Now it is not done like that.

I don't know if everyone feels the same way, but I am enjoying these newly added rules as old Splinterlands. The new reward cards that are coming in the future may be effective for all these rulesets. I eagerly await the new Reward Cards.

These were my thoughts on the new rules. I hope everyone will share their thoughts in the comments and suggest strategies for the new rules; I will benefit from it.

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Thank You All.

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