A Little bit Data about Hive.blog | Peakd.com | Leofinance.io & Splinterlands

It seems like we have seen an increased interest by the users on Hive blockchain and its different frontends. And rightly so because who will ignore this after seeing Hive prices going beyond $3 this November.
Data from Similarweb.com


Looking at the stats of Hive.blog, it shows an increase in the traffic from the last three months and it's ranking also has improved according to Similarweb.com.

Now this traffic count is from Hive blockchain's single frontend Hive.blog. If we look at the data of other Hive frontends you will see some of them even better in traffic from Hive.blog.


Peakd.com itself is having 1.2M monthly users which is impressive as I didn't expect that from this frontend, irrespective of the fact that peakd.com is an awesome frontend with so many features and options and probably that is why we have its Affinity of 100%.


Then we have Leofinance.io which again is impressive for me because a few months ago I felt a decline in the traffic on leofinance.io but thanks to the team of Leofinance working tirelessly, engaging with community which we now regularly see in live sessions by @khaleelkazi.

I would also mention @leo.voter here as well for taking the time to curate content on Leofinance.io thus motivating the authors to post on Leofinance.io.

We know that Leofinance itself has some professional apps like:

Lately team of Leofinance has also introduced mobile app LeoMobile for Android and iOS users, which could really change the game for Leofinance users as we see these app more developed.


And then we have @splinterlands, the next generation of collectable cards game, which has a total monthly traffic of around 4.1M, which is really awesome to see how Splinterlands.com is contributing to the cause of Hive blockchain for producing a game that seems like catching the interest of the users on blockchain.

We hope to see its ranking better on stateofthedapps.com in the future.

I will appreciate your support.

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