Splinterlands, Airdrops and new Arcade Games


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Hello and welcome to this incredibly fun video where I claim some vampiric airdrops, talk about the latest Townhall and the upcoming arcade mini games and, of course, my favourite subject, yours truly. As I am growing along with you, my delightful audience, I am learning to let go and have so much fun! We will look at Iza the Fanged art along with her lore, open some Gladius and Chaos Legion packs and let’s not forget our ritual battle. In a post from @yoog, we will see what the odds are for getting a legendary card with and without potions.

That’s it for today, expect a reworking of the reward system soon and so much more from the astonishing team at Splinterlands! The growth is very real and reflected by a pipeline, strengthened by countless new employees and contractors!
I would like to thank the incredible @theycallmedan and the team at 3Speak without whom these videos would not be possible!

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Aidrop claim
2:45 Combining Grum
3:30 Iza the Art (and lore)
5:23 Gladius opening and CL Legendary odds
7:20 Guilds: Goat Gang building strategy (let’s do the store)
9:00 CL pack opening (you are giving me tangible luck!)
12:15 Giant Killer ability
12:45 Arcade Game and Ritual Battle
13:45 Coffee Enema
16:07 Goodbye, learning the blockchain bit by bit

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