The Costly Magic Bomb || Magi Of Chaos Weekly Battle Challenge

Welcome to another weekly battle challenge! This week I will be testing out Magic Of Chaos and sharing a battle with you on his performance and my line of thought in his value and utility within Splinterlands battle. As a side note, I want to note that because this Monster is not a starter card, I had to resort to the rental market in picking a copy for a cheap price of around 0.3 DEC.

Without anything else, let's dive in!

Battle Conditions

Jumping into a battle and I am given the following matchup:


Pretty standard bronze match conditions. What is interesting is that this match is once again a moderate-mana game, a game style which I have come across over the past couple of weeks as I began participating in these weekly battle challenges. Looking over my opponent's recent teams, I notice that most comprise of the classic Water-Melee onslaught, a team which is perfect with Magi Of Chaos because of the strong Magic attack he has.

Battle Line-up

Since Magi Of Chaos is a neutral Monster, it gives me freedom to choose any Summoner. Wanting to maximise the Magic attack of Magi Of Chaos, I select Obsidian.

Seeing that my opponent has a tendency to play melee Monsters and wanting a moderate-cost Monster, I go with Venari Knifer.

Following Venari Knifer, I put Regal Peryton for extra Magic damage while acting as a secondary tank and shield for my Magi of Chaos.

And last of all is the Monster for this week: Magi of Chaos. I place him last to maximise his potential in the game.



Initial Round


Game starts and it is already not in my favour. My opponent selects Thaddius Brood, which with his minus Magic damage counters terribly nicely with my Obsidian's Magic buff. Perhaps my Venari Knifer could pull off a carry with its Thorns.

Round 1


A lot of things happen very quickly in the first round. My Magi of Chaos is threatened almost to death as my opponent's Sneak Monsters target him. However, his Cursed Windeku is almost at death as well. If I can crack through his Cursed Windeku while holding a reasonable position, victory may be in sight.

Round 2

The next round comes and my whole team is destroyed. Yes, my Venari Knifer managed to finish my opponent's Cursed Windeku but it came at the cost of itself. The game is looking very bleak with a single Royal Peryton left on the board.

Round 3

The next round comes and I am finished. My Royal Peryton is gone and I lose.


Magi Of Chaos Analysis

Overall, Magi Of Chaos has some pretty good stats and with his Neutral class makes him a versatile Monster to interact strongly with many different metas. However, one big downside to him is the massive mana cost that he takes with a moderate benefit for that cost, giving only 2 Magic damage at level 1 for the cost of 6 mana. It would be best to reserve such a Monster in high-mana battles where mana can be used more freely.


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