Question on the Efficiency of DEC Pool


Heya everyone !

It's been a while and now that we are on the verge of Chaos Legion I was wondering one thing about the most efficient way of gaining SPS which may be usefull to other ( if they have the same doubt).

Now most of us know that staking DEC in Liquidity pool earn 2x the airdrop points comprared than having the DEC in game or in other exchanges, but let's consider a new player who just got into the game and is considering a 100 USD investment ;

He has 2 option that regards DEC :

1 - Buy all the DEC he can with the money, which by the time I'm writing this post should be about 7431 DEC.

2 - Put the 100 USD in a liquidity pool such as the one shown below:


Now for this Pool you should have half ( or few less) of the 100 USD converted to DEC and half in SPS.

With this you would earn twice the Airdrop point compared to the first solution but you will earn them over half the DEC;

So if what i'm saying is correct there is no basically much of a difference between the 2 choices;

Please let me know If what I wrote make sense XD

Thanks to everyone who will dedicate 2 minutes of your time solving this riddle.