Forging the Soul of the Phoenix




@Alchemage (aka Myth) and I made a song together on my upcoming album Power of Truth. While the vocals were mostly recorded almost two years ago, I was able to implement some seriously epic production nuances since then with meticulous attention to detail. I plugged in some on-point vocal processing, add some tasteful fx all over the song, sample the most amazing and appropriate intro/outro I have ever heard, and was even able to record and re-mix some vinyl scratching by a local DJ here in the studio. I decided to call the track: "Soul of the Phoenix".


As an aside to my album art project/contest (and since no phoenix art was submitted - or as Myth calls it: his "flaming chicken"), we also decided to collaborate on the art-design as well, to represent our song in the album book still yet to be published. Of the tow of us, @Alchemage is certainly more the actual fine-drawing artist, while my skill falls more in the symbolism, texturing, coloring, and design idea side - so he agreed to do the main outline drawing, while I will be handling most of the color and grading work, while also drawing the ever immutable flames of fire.


The work is not quite yet done, but I wanted to show you our progress as we hone in on the final details of the manifesting this idea into reality. First @Alchmage drew a sketch on a smaller piece of paper for reference. He then used that as a focus to copy the drawing on a slightly larger scale onto a canvas that will be proportional to the 6x9 in dimensions of the actual art book itself.


This image could end up being entered into a Splinterlands design contest for a future submission, it would be really cool to eventually see this art made into a card - I have always been a fan of (and own) that GOLD Elemental Phoenix card... I wonder why that could be?? Hmmm.... It would be some hella legit braggin' rights considering the art will be in my album book, where I will also be advertising Splinterlands & 1UP.

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@elamental and @alchemage collaboration, yay I look forward to hearing that. I love the design here. I hope you are well brother, it has been a while since we connected, sending love your way xxxx


No doubt. Things are going great over here actually. Formatting merch for the album release, lining up bigger shows for the spring, getting the Self Owned Souls collective going, working on a mixtape EP, about to release a music video - getiin' it! How have you been?