The Hive "Token Rush"

We are in the midst of the initiation of a mad scramble for Hive Engine Tokens to secure our positions and passive income in projects that hold an obviously bright future. Projects like #proofofbrain, #oneup, #hivepizza, #spt, #index, and #ape - are just few examples of Hive projects that are pretty much guaranteed to be successful, and benefit our rewards long term.

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The price of all the above mentioned projects are insanely cheap/undervalued compared to what they will be worth in the not too distant future due to the draw these projects emanate with the power of their incentives. It is more than fitting that all us long-term Hivers are currently scrambling to position our stakes in these projects, as we have the wisdom to recognize that the projects we are seeing on Hive now, are the best to ever manifest, and the most promising to either increase our daily post rewards (whether that be through increased hive or token votes), or have extreme likelihood to achieve massive gains in value over time. When more Splinterlands players and outside investors discover the larger Hive-space, they will begin to realize the value of and invest in all these projects, as we are now.
As a corollary to the "Token Rush", there is also currently a Hive-rush/bull run, that imho we are only seeing the beginning stages of. There is massive incentive to buy/earn and stake Hive right now. In the next 30 to 60 days or so, we will see a 1:1 airdrop (based on your Hive and HP) for SPK Network and an additional airdrop for a brand new blockchain game about to release by @theycallmedan. I personally believe that even without these extra incentives, that Hive would have been poised for a nice bull run regardless, just based on this value of Splinter and the blockchain as a whole.

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Between the massive dumpings we will see directly following the Chaos Legion release/sellout and the dumps we will start seeing as power-downs initiate after the multiple airdrop snapshots, Hive and many of the valued Hive.Engine tokens will go through massive fluctuations in value. While some token projects may be a lot lower in price now than in a few weeks from now, if you play your cards (literally) right with the Chaos Legion release, you will likely get a better value out of these tokens at a slightly higher price once benefitting from some of your card-pack value increases on the secondary market - I predict the percentage increases will be much greater in the (at least) short-term with CL packs vs. high demand H.E. token projects.

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Ultimately, as long as you have a bunch of your chips in either Hive/HP, useful token projects, delegations, liquidity pools, HBSI shares, anything Splinterlands, or any combination of the above - it doesn't really matter what order you do things in with these related realms - one way or the other, the next few months to few years will work out greatly in your favor. Stick with it folks, we are nearing the precipice of finally being a recognized top-blockchain by the public. Prepare yourself, and your account(s)/projects accordingly. We should see a much higher sustained price of Hive in the near future - this bull run is not based on hype, but on advanced technology of great benefit to humanity.

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