Battle of the day #001

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Time to introduce you to Battle of the day. As a Part of my Blockchain gaming and NFT Blog, I will try to post one battle daily that I think was the most fun and entertaining or that I think might help others to learn more about the game.

Today I will start with this Battle: WATCH THE BATTLE

For this battle we have 54 Mana and the rulesets are Fog of war and Equalizer. All splinters where available expect the fire splinter.


Because we had a high Mana cap I decided to spend 6 Mana for the new Legendary summoner Grandmaster Rathe.


As a Tank I decided to use Shieldbearer. Given we have the fog of war ruleset the taunt ability was not that important but I decided to still choose it because of the shield it has. My strategy for this battle is to not let the Shieldbearer die. To make sure my opponent is not able to kill it I decided to choose the following Backline:


In order to keep the shield up I selected 3 monsters with repair: Armorsmith, Scavo Hireling and Adelade Brightwing.
As it is not possible to keep up the shield all the time at a 54 Mana battle I also added two cards with Tank Healing to the Backline in order to restore HP: Divine Healer and Venari Crystalsmith.


The strategy worked as expected. My opponent @melvz13 did a good job bringing a lot of damage to the field. but with 3x Repair and 2x Healing he was not able to destroy my tank.