Blockchain gaming - The games I'm currently playing and investing!




In the past I already posted about Splinterlands and some other games. But I didn't do it regular and also don't think the quality was good enough compared to other Blogs. It's time to change that and do a fresh start!

At this first Post I will introduce you to the games I'm currently playing.

1. Splinterlands

Of course I'm playing the number one blockchain game Splinterlands. With currently over 150k Card Power and many onther assets and tokens this is the Game I currently hold most value at!


Besides having invested a lot of money into the game I also spend much time playing.
With almost 10k games played(without using a Bot!), Splinterlands should be by far the blockchain game I spend most time at.


Play Splinterlands

2. Realm

Realm is a strategically Game that uses NFTs on the WAX Blockchain. Goal of the Game is to save the world from devastation.
Their RLM Token is earned by doing missions, unlocking continents or from Events. The Season Leaderboard also offers WAX prizes for the TOP 50 players. Like Splinterlands it is a actual game that involves strategic decisions and resource management. It's not a invest,click and wait game, like most of the blockchain games.
I currently hold multiple Leader and Helper NFTs at my Wax Wallet and think this game has the potential to grow within the next months.

3. RisingStar

Rising Star is running at the Hive Blockchain. You Start with a musician called The Busker that has only 10 Fans and work up your way to become a global mega star! You can earn Starbits Tokens by completing missions and win Hive by placing high at the Leaderboard.
This is my current progress at Rising Star;


Play RisingStar

4. AlienWorlds

AlienWorld is currently a very boring game, but since it is the most popular game on Wax I started to play.
Currently all you have to do is press mine and wait untill you can mine again. There are NFTs that help you to increase you earnings. It's also possible to own your own peace of land. This will give you a share of the TLM other players earn when mining on your land. But for most players land is way to expensive.


With the large community behind AlienWorlds and a few Updates from the Dev Team, this game could still become fun in future so I keep mining.

If you are interested into NFT Gaming I would be happy if you could leave a Follow. Please let me also know which game you are you most interested in and what other games I should check out.