The Champions of Chaos tournament series has begun!


Chaos is here!

Champions of Chaos, the brand new tournament series in your favorite game Splinterlands has just begun. Twenty brave players battle it out in fierce competition. Who will rise to glory and who will fall short? But remember, there are no losers here. Everyone, who participated, has the chance to win one random legendary from the newest set Chaos Legion at the end of the month.

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Lets introduce the battlemages:


I wish everyone the best luck and may the finest player come out victorious. 🙏

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Everyone who couldn´t make it in time, no worry. The next tournaments are already planned and will be put online soon. I hope, we will see many brave mages battle it out and become part of the Champions of Chaos!

You can find all the information in the following peakd article:

Champions of Chaos: New tournament series with awesome rewards!

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You haven´t played this awesome game yet, but are interested? Give it a shot. If you register through my link, I can help you at the beginning. Just message me here or on discord @Eledain#2058.

Play Splinterlands now!

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Credits to @nane-qts for those beautiful dividers and @kyo-gaming for those awesome silhouette images of the summoners.