FLAVIUS: A Battle Data Analytics Tool Made by Nardian


This new season, Splinterlands gives us the released of the latest card pack and the game is gaining more popularity thanks to the community for promoting it.

As we know, when we do a ranked battle, we lost a significant amount of energy capture rate (ECR). The DEC rewards depends on how much ECR you have. If your ECR is on the higher percentage, your rewards will be higher. Same goes if you have a lower percentage then your rewards will be lower.

As a new player, I want to minimize my ECR percentage while earning enough DEC for a day so I watched videos in different social media sites and read blog of other players. The one that stood out is the stream of Nardian on Twitch where he streams his battles while using the tool he created.

The tool is named Flavius, a battle data analytics tool that helps improve the DEC ECR gaming. The tool gives you the best lineup out of all the data in the Splinterlands based on the specific rule set, type of monsters, and mana capacity to be use, acting like a strategic general who aims to win his every battles.

In his past stream, he announced that Flavius will be available to use and will give an opportunity to his subscribers on Twitch. That is a great deal because hosting battle data tool cost money. The tool is available to use until the end of November if the channel don’t reach the subscription goal which is to have a 115 subscribers by the end of November. The subscription money will be used in the server cost so your money will not go in vain and will have access and learn about different battle strategy to use in the future.

I’m quite hooked in the way he uses the tool that it made me think that I also want to use and learn from it so I subscribe immediately and share this awesome tool that you don’t want to miss.

How To Use Flavius

  • To gain access to the tool, you have to subscribe first in Nardians twitch channel. Join also the Discord so you will know immediately if the tool is available for you.
  • The tool uses your Hive account to sign in to the tool.



After you sign in, in the homepage, you can see where you would fill the data needed to know what line up is best in a specific battle.

As of now I’m in the bronze league after the end of season. Here is an example from one of my battles. In the battle, the rule set is spreading furry consisting of monsters that will fill the 99 mana cap or lower, and the highlighted circles are the types of monsters that are available to use.


  • For the Summoner fill form, you can fill the specific summoner you want to use. You can also indicate the monster type to be use.


Because I only have the starter deck and few owned ones, I choosed Lyanna as a summoner and filled the first and second rule set with the same rule for better result, then filled the mana box with the number 99 and filtered the result which you can see in the bottom right corner. You can also choose the league if you are in a specific league right now.


  • After filtering the data, Flavius will give you the best line up out of many battle data to use in the battle. After you choose what battle data to use, you can see the lineup when you hover and click the arrow on the right.



As you can see in the battle line up, you can see the latest cards that are available in the game. There is a link also of the game play if you want to watch the battle.

Take note that filtering the data takes time to show based on the connection speed in your area and will take time in choosing the monsters to line up if you have the cards available in the results. Because I have a few cards, I just choose the monsters that are available to me and resulted in my win. (I won because I battled with a bot at that time)

Battle win.png

In my experience in using the tool, this will definitely help the players in the community in their battles. Remember that Flavius is a tool that will give you the best lineup based on the battle data that is available in the game. If you have your own strategy and have the confidence in your battles, then definitely follow what you know what is the best for you.

If I skipped some important details, better follow Nardian on Twitch to know more about Flavius and if after you watch his streams and think that this tool is useful and can improve your battles, then don’t hesitate to subscribe to have access and start playing while learning with it.

You can visit the website of Flavius here.

Follow and Subcribe to Nardian’s Twitch Channel

Join the Nardian’s Battalion on Discord

I appreciate if you could share and re-blog so that many will get to learn about this tool.

Want to start playing Splinterlands? Then you better sign up and enjoy the game.


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This is indeed a really cool tool! Since I subscribe to Nardian's Twitch Channel, I have access and use of this tool. I have played with it a little bit and I think it is great!

Have some !PIZZA for being so nice to promote one of our fellow streamers!


Thank you so much for such a great, detailed blog on how to use Flavius @emanginasal! I'm so happy that you find the general giving you winning, strategic advice.


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