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Greetings to all the members of the Hive Blockchain community especially the community in Splinterlands.

Another opportunity has been created by the Splinterlands team to players to share their unique strategies with the featured monster of the week, bringing a passive income to players that will be used in their future transactions in the blockchain.

For this week's Share Your Battle Challenge, the featured monster to use is the Goblin Psychic in battles. It is a common magic monster from the Earth attribute from the latest release of pack which is the Chaos Legion Edition.

The battle that I will share today is within the level guide for monsters in the Gold league and the battle is happening under the Diamond League. I created a video of the battle in 3Speak for you to watch and enjoy.



  • Armored Up: All monsters have 2 armor in addition to their normal armor stat.
  • Keep Your Distance: Melee monsters will not be available in the battle.
  • Within the 29-mana capacity.


  • Because the featured monster is a magic monster, I decided to go all out in using the magic monsters available in the Earth Attribute. Choosing Obsidian as my summoner is the best because it gives additional magic damage to its summoned magic monsters.

  • First position is the Failed Summoner. A common monster on the 8th level with a stats of 2 speed, and 9 health. It reflects the magic damage it receives while reducing the melee damage of the opponent's monsters.

  • Second position is the Wood Nymph. A common magic monster in the 8th level with a stats of 2 magic damage, 3 speed, and 3 health. It gives additional health to its allies, and heal the first position monster.

  • Third position is the featured monster Goblin Psychic. A common magic monster in the 8th level with a stats of 2 magic damage, 1 speed, and 6 health. It also heals the first position monster while reducing the magic damage of the opponent's monsters. It also nullifies the heals in the targeted monster.

  • Fourth position is the Mushroom Seer. A rare magic monster in the 6th level with a stats of 3 magic damage, 3 speed and 4 health. It reduces the magic damage of the enemy monsters, and gives 2 automatic damage to the target enemy that acquired the poison debuff.

  • Fifth position is the Sporcerer. An epic magic monster in the 5th level with a stats of 3 magic damage, 2 speed, and 6 health. It also reduces the magic damage of the enemy, and reduces their armor.

  • Last position is the Halfling Alchemist. An epic range monster in the 5th level with a stats of 1 range damage, 2 speed, 1 armor, and 3 health. It reduces the target's damage in half while it serves as a sacrificial defense to activate its redemption ability.



In this battle, the opponent choose the summoner Lir Deepswimmer because he expects that I will use Yodin Zaku together with the range monsters in the battle to counter based on the overview of my past battles but I choose to go all out in choosing magic monsters, same with the opponent's offensive strategy to bypass the armor of the monsters. I have an advantage in terms of damage leading for the battle to last in 3 rounds, ending for my win and earning me 15.14 DEC from the reward pool.


My strategy work effectively. The double heal strategy with the tank heals of the Wood Nymph and Goblin Psychic helps in making the Failed summoner to last longer in the battle. The best part of my strategy is the triple magic reduction to the opponent's magic monsters to the lowest possible damage they will give to the Failed Summoner which leads to my advantage in terms of magic damage. Lastly, with the additional magic damage that is given by my chosen summoner to all my chosen magic monsters, it caused an enormous amount of magic damage to the monsters of the opponent in the third round that leads to my victory in the battle.


Goblin Psychic will definitely be one of the monsters that I will rent and use in my future battles because the abilities given to this monster is a delight for strategizing in the higher league battles as displayed in the featured battle that I've shared.

There are many possibilities in terms of strategy in each rulesets. It's not always the monsters with the highest possible damage to choose in battle, sometimes it's the abilities given to the monsters that will help you in winning your battles.

Hope you leaned some things in the battle. have a wonderful day everyone and wishing you luck in your battles in the game.




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