Splinterlands Daily Quest: Using Water Attribute Monsters In Battles

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Daily quest utilizes the procedures of how a game can become successful or not. Mastering the mechanics given in the game can improve your daily thinking on how and what to do for the next game for the opportunity of gaining better rewards.

When I'm thinking about the water attribute, I think about the magic damagers because it is a well known offensive strategy involving the monsters under this attribute before the release of the Chaos Legion edition cards.

Today, I will share the daily quest that I've completed after the end of season. The quest is about using monsters from the Water attribute. I started in the Bronze rank this season leading to my chosen monsters for the daily quest under this guide.

Because it is well know for its magic damagers, I choose Alric Stormbringer as my summoner, giving my chosen magic monsters additional magic damage.

Here are the battles that completed my daily quest:


In this battle, the ruleset is Explosive Weaponry within the 27 mana capacity. I choose Djinn Oshannus, Ice Pixie, Medusa, Enchanted Pixie, and Elven Mystic as my magic damagers. The battle ended in the first round, earning me 0.271 DEC.


In this battle, the ruleset is Melee Mayhem within the 99 mana capacity. Because the given mana in the ruleset is in the max level, I choose the magic monsters with the highest mana available in my rentals which composed of Prismatic Energy, Djinn Oshannus, Phantom of the Abbys, Spirit Miner, Sea Genie, and Ruler Of The Seas. The battle ended in the third round, earning me 0.373 DEC.


In this battle, the ruleset is Healed Out within the 28 mana capacity. I choose Spineback Turtle as the tank. For the magic damagers, I choose Ice Pixie, Elven Mystic, Medusa, River Nymph, and Captain's Ghost. The battle ended in the second round, earning me 0.492 DEC.


The ruleset in this battle is Armored Up within the 24 mana capacity. I choose Spineback Turtle as the tank. The magic damagers are the Enchanted Pixie, Ice Pixie, River Nymph, Medusa, and Elven Mystic. The battle ended in the third round, earning me 0.615 DEC.


For the final battle that completed my daily quest, the ruleset is Stampede within the 21 mana capacity. I choose Spineback Turtle as the tank followed by the Creeping ooze to reduce the speed of the enemy monsters. The magic damagers for this battle are Ice Pixie, Enchanted Pixie, River Nymph, and Medusa. The battle ended in the third round, earning me 0.868 DEC.

After I completed the daily quest, I didn't claimed immediately the rewards because I wanted to reach the Silver league first for better rewards. It is expected that I will encounter bot accounts while I'm raising my rank which makes it more easier to reach the rank I wanted. After I reached the rank I've wanted, I advance my account to rise into the Silver league, and immediately claimed the rewards. I received a common reward card, and 5 DEC. I would say that the reward I got is quite common for my everyday battle and I'm fine with the results.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that everyone have a satisfying rewards in their daily quest this season.


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Impressive lineup in this Battle
Your strategy is well thought out, especially in this condition of combat.
I hope to oppose your team once more on the battlefield.


Thank you. Looking forward also for the opportunity to battle with you in the ranked battles especially on higher leagues in the future. 👍