Slinterlands Daily Quest: Not Using Neutral Attribute Monsters In The Battles

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Neutral attribute monsters is a must whenever you create a deck so that when you choose a monster to place in the field, due to the neutrality of the monsters, they can be chosen in different attributes available in the ruleset.

In the daily quest that I will share, the quest is about not using non-attribute monster in the battles. It is easy to complete because it just needed 3 battles to finish, making it the easiest quest that the players love to get in their daily mission.

My rentals are composed of the attributes Water, Life, Death, Dragon and Neutral. The chosen monsters in my featured battles are within the level guide of Silver while the battle is happening in the Gold League which I fully utilize well in choosing the cards that will lead to my victory.

Here are the battles that completed my daily quest.

First Battle

In this battle, the rulesets are Holy Protection and Close Range within the 26 mana capacity. I choose Crypt Mancer the the summoner to reduce the melee, speed, and health of the enemy by one. Bone Golem as the tank. Shadow Snitch attacks the first position monster of the enemy with reach ability. Undead Priest to reduce the health of the enemy. Dark Astronomer and Dark Ferryman as my range damager. Carrion Shade as the sacrificial backline defense.

Second Battle

In this battle, the rulesets are Earthquake and Keep Your Distance within the 42 mana capacity. I choose Brighton Bloom as my summoner for the fly ability given to allied monsters. Phantom of the Abyss as the tank, reducing some melee damage to the enemy. Ruler of the Seas for the blast ability, additional speed, and magic reduction to the enemy. Captain's Ghost to nullify the healing capabilities. Axe Master for the double attack to the target monster. Water Elemental as another range damager. Crustacean King for the tank heal, and a sacrificial backline defense.

Third Battle

For the final battle that will complete my daily quest, the ruleset is Holy Protection within the 44 mana capacity. I choose Mimosa Nightshade as my summoner to reduce the melee damage of the enemy, reduce the magic damage that is taken by my chosen monsters, and nullifies the healing capabilities of the enemy. Bone Golem as the tank. Skeletal Assassin and Silent Sha-vi as my sneak attackers. Ancient Licht for the magic damage. Octopider and Dhampir Stalker for the range damage.

After the quest completion, I claimed the rewards and received 5 reward cards with a rare gold foil card, a legendary potion, and 1 DEC. A satisfying rewards for the efforts I've made in completing my daily quest.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that you have a satisfying rewards in your daily quest also.

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