Splinterlands Art Contest! | DARK ASTRONOMER



Greetings to everyone in the Hive Blockchain community especially the Splinterlands community.

I will share today my entry for the weekly art contest created by the Splinterlands team by giving the players the opportunity to show their artistic sides while earning a income by sharing their artworks.

For this week, my entry is about my fan art of the Dark Astronomer. It is a rare range monster from the Death attribute from the Untamed edition.

Lore of the Dark Astronomer:

Dark Eternals despise light, so in their astronomy they look to what they call “the darkness between the stars.” They believe astral bodies known as Dark Stars are the only true source of darkness. Dark Eternals also believe that they each will, upon full realization of the Dark Reality, be delivered home to those stars, to the roots of all darkness. Dark Astronomers chart and track the Dark Stars, prescribing meaning to the events of the Splinterlands based on their activity, but they are not to be underestimated, for they have plenty of sly tricks of combat.

I decided to do this art entry because I just appreciate this monster , and it is one of the cards that I always rent whenever I wanted to play and enjoy the game.


  • First of all, I started creating from the traditional method by making a sketch in the paper of what I want to create. After I completed my sketch, I scanned the drawing in our scanner and saved the image file on the laptop.

Concept sketch for my entry.Scanned image of the sketch.

  • After I saved the scanned copy, I opened the Krita application on the laptop, created a canvas with a size of 1000x900, and started creating an outline with the help of my brother's drawing tablet so that it will look presentable. Once I created the outline, I started to add some color in my work by using the color masked layer method in the application.

Outline sketch in KritaAdded colors

  • After I added the color, I saved the image in my google drive because my brother will use the laptop for his online class. I wanted to finished the artwork so I decided to download an art application in my mobile and continued what I've started.

I wanted my artwork to have glowing eyes so I searched some videos on Youtube on how to make the glowing effect. I found the video of Art Markk quite entertaining and started following his methods.

Added some pupils to make it more aliveAdded a 50% transparent black color in front to make it more darker.
Added the glow effect in the eye but I didn't quite get the outcome that I want.I highlighted the hand to look like it will release its magic power.
Added the neon effect serving as the magic.Added some small highlights in the hair area.

  • After adding some highlights, I finalized the artwork by adding a forest background because in my concept, the Dark Astronomer is wandering in the woods, and examining the stars while leaving some hidden magic to the surroundings so that it can avoid some people or enemies.

As a player with a few knowledge in making a great artwork, I am satisfied with the outcome of my work. Thank you for reading my blog for this week's art contest. I hope that everyone have a satisfying rewards this upcoming end of season.


I also created my art progress into a gif.


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Remember that this game is a "play to earn" game. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards.

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Icon art is made by Tidbits Choi


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