SPLINTERLANDS: A Simple Thorough Guide To Basics


Splinterland is an NFT collectible card game built on the hive block chain where players can trade buy or sell digital assets to gain in game rewards basically it’s a play to earn game(#PLAY2EARN) where you can make money

Here is a simple basics, and a complete guide for beginners like me to start playing and earning real money on a web3 gaming platform then it’s important to understand the core basics and the mechanisms of the game, how it’s all played out so you too can actually know how to play, trade, blog and earn rewards in the splinterlands

This is a card based game so first of all we have two cards in this game SUMMONERS and MONSTERS SUMMONERS are team leaders who call upon the MONSTERS these monsters cards uses one of the six primal sources of magic called the SPLINTERS, a splinter can be FIRE, WATER,EARTH, LIFE, DEATH and DRAGON for instance summoner of the earth winter will be able to call upon monsters that live in the mountains and forests.


Know this that we have six different categories of cards, here’s a break down the number on the top left corner, it represents mana, you can literally know how powerful a card is just by looking at this number the higher the number the powerful the card will be.

When creating teams against an opponent both players will be given the same mana cost limit for example if the limit is ten mana, you can select cards of mana cost adding up to ten like two cards of five mana cost or five cards of two mana cost
down to the second and third number on the left is the toughness or attack type malee, range or magic.


next is the number representing the speed of the card to the right hand side of the is armor and health really self explanatory, the higher the number the more it is able to defend attack from enemy and more lives too, this number also make up the stat of the card so be more careful when choosing, other stuff like abilities, name of card,experience level and which splinter the card is.

once you have select your summoner you’ll be given the chance to choose your monsters according to the summoner or splinter power, know that monsters are of three different categories based on the attack type, first we have the


MELEE ATTACK this means that you’re slashing the enemy up close from the front row position, Under normal circumstances the attacker must be in the front row damage is assigned to the enemy armor before health is affected it has a chance to miss it’s shots or attacks which means that no damage will be done to the enemy


RANGE ATTACK character attacks from a distance this types of cards are unable to attack from the front row which means you cannot sign these guys to the front or they’ll take that slot and will be useless assigned to the enemy armor before health is affected when using range attack it also has a chance to miss


MAGIC ATTACK characters with the magic attack may do damage from any angle not only that this form of attack ignores the defenders armor damages applied directly to the health and there’s no chance to miss it shots, always hits

The blue section is your own position while your opponent occupies the opposite red section

ROWS AND POSITIONS: the battlefield consists of two rows and six positions the strength of your forces depends on how you can utilize these positions and anticipate your opponent, your opponent will be at the bottom of the screen the red lines the summoner will be on the bottom right corner your team will be on the top side, your summoner will be on the top right corner


this is your front row also known as the first position with the grey arrow is for melee attacks you can’t use other attack types here if not you will loose battle. then you have the back row it has the fifth positions and you cannot place your melee attacks here in most cases, but with some exceptions of course, because there are abilities and rules that allow you place a melee attacker from the back and these abilities are crucial for formulating a winning strategy


YOU ONLY BECOME PERFECT AS You Play "experience here is your best teacher"

After creating your account or logings just tap on the PRACTICE ICON or HOW TO PLAY and be guided by your guidance but first have this understanding at the back of your head.


With that the first step will be to select your summoner, your summoner will determine which monsters, e.g summoner of the earth will be able to call upon monster of the mountain and forest, Make sure to keep an Eye on the mana coast spent as you select your warriors also base on the attack types mentioned above

Once you’re ready you can just go ahead and click battle and the cards will play out on it’s own when you click rumble now all you have to do is just wait for the results.
Now It’s that simple to play…


As you play the game you earn rewards this rewards are in game token which you can trade in the crypto market for real money, it’s called DARK ENERGY CRYSTAL, you can only get here if and only if you have upgraded your account but purchasing the summoner spell book worth $10, there are various payment options available to use.


Even if you haven’t buy the book yet no problem you can still get on and play the game just that you won’t be part of any tournament or earn any reward and you won’tbe able to buy or sale your card in the market So the spell book gives you unlimited access to all in-game benefits and rewards even at that just practicing gives you and edge also blogging about splinterlands also come with handy rewards