My Splinterlands: Season 3 Episode 3 with 71 EoS chests

So at this point of the season, I'm at +357 DEC and 1 Epic, 8 Rares, 25 Commons (of which 1 GF) and... 61 EoS chests waiting.
The strategy is still to stay in Bronze, I can't afford expensive renting of CP to play in Silver, so I'm betting on quantity of chests versus quality.

Day 9: Water

Nothing special in the rented cards, I didn't try anything new and went with the old sure values. I had quite a good run despite seeing more and more legendary cards and tricks in my opponents.
On that note, bye bye Kron

Rating: 1531 => 1805
Cost of rent: 36 DEC
15 Chests: 124 DEC, 1 Rare, 3 Commons

Day 10: Fire

Fire, fire... Fire queuing into piles of Mylor, what to do... Playing Yodin may be a solution, but it has to be played properly, not like here. I may give it a try next time I'm unlucky enough to have a Fire focus.

Rating 1805 => 1832
Cost of rent: 34 DEC
11 chests: 27 DEC, 1 Rare, 3 Commons

Day 11: Water

I discovered today the Lorna Shine decks. It's another type of annoying Life decks. At least I can't complain about the uninteractive type of deck. I tried a double healing front and back, but that didn't work. I haven't figured it out yet.

Rating 1832 => 1941
Cost of rent: 32 DEC
15 chests: 24 DEC, 1 Rare, 2 Commons

Day 12: Fire

Decided to rent Yodin, to have a try at it, and well... I didn't do that good. Most of my wins were with Tarsa in fact. I managed to get a few victories with Yodin, but not much, and mainly against bots

Rating 1941 => 1938
Cost of rent: 73 DEC
12 chests: 30 DEC, 1 Epic, 2 Commons

Day 13: Life

Life isn't that bad in the end. Not as bad as Fire in all cases. I even diversified from the "taunt and heal" strategy, for example in low mana matches. This one was pretty close, but it did work!

Rating 1938 => 1992
Cost of rent: 60 DEC
13 chests: 58 DEC, 2 Commons

I missed the rating of +2000 by just a few points. I could have pushed for it (I always play with not less than 90% ECR, so plenty under the foot) but I'd rather use my ECR to climb back quickly next season.

And with 71 EoS chests, I should get some nice stuff, right?
Let's see:

EoS chests brought me 704 DEC, 1 Legendary (yeah!), 2 Epics, 4 Rares and 13 Commons.

So the balance sheet for my 3rd season is:
+1089 DEC
1 Legendary
6 Epic
15 Rare
50 Common (1 GF)

What a change compared to the last one, when I barely break even!
Now we have an interesting new season upcoming, with Wild and Modern format implemented! Sounds like Silver would be easily affordable!


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Nice grind brother and nice pulls! I'll give you a quick spoiler of my rewards, you won 😂
gg! was fun competing! Hopefully I'll give you a better run this season or next, I've still yet to even have a damn life splinter to try that out!

That legendary pull is a nice one, I was hoping I'd get one myself but it wasn't to be! I also opened a few packs like we talked about before and had some awful pulls lmao, money down the drain 😂

Have a good one bro!



Yeah, nice competition! I guess you're not far away!
Arf, your luck will come back, it just worked too much recently ;)
My first legendary pull! Also opened a couple of packs, got the death summoner so can't complain.

The day will be good: I'm already in week-end!


Congrats! that's an awesome legendary to get for your first one, got some nice value to her! next time we're due some GF's I'm feeling it

Enjoy weekend mode brotha!