How many losses before changing Daily Quest?

Today, I discovered that number for me was 11.

I swear I wasn't this bad of a player a few months back. Once upon a time I could battle my way to Bronze II by end of season. Not anymore. These days I am lucky if I can stay in Bronze III.

I know bots are a big problem at these lower levels, but I promise you there are human beings also playing in the Bronze League. This added layer of difficulty has really stolen the joy out of playing. I used to watch each match to both revel in a win and learn from a loss. These days I am pressing SKIP TO RESULTS right away. There is no joy in winning or losing against bots.

What keeps me coming back?

I do remember how much fun it was in the early days of discovering Splinterlands. The occassional Daily Quest card or Credit reward was such a nice reward. Making sure I can partake of end of seson rewards. But the fun of the game these days? Well lets just say for now the thrill is gone. Will I keep playing. Yep. Just not with as much enthusiasm and joy as I did in the past. Will that change? Maybe. Nothing is definite. I know I will continue to learn. Which will hopefully make me a better player.

My goal is to get my Collection Power up to Bronze I and eventually Silver III.

Of course, my skill level will defionitely need to increase as I make my way to these higher levels. Let's face it. Right now my game play skills...or lack thereof leave a lot to be desired.

However, As my collection power is only at 1225, I most certainly have a long way to go and have plenty of time to earn along the way. I play the long game. I'm here for the big picture of what the #Play2Earn space has to offer me. Wish me luck!
11 streak loss.jpg


The people doing V2K with remote neural monitoring want me to believe this lady @battleaxe is an operator. She is involved deeply with her group and @fyrstikken . Her discord is Battleaxe#1003. I cant prove she is the one directly doing the V2K and RNM. Doing it requires more than one person at the least. It cant be done alone. She cant prove she is not one of the ones doing it. I was drugged in my home covertly, it ended badly. They have tried to kill me and are still trying to kill me. I bet nobody does anything at all. Ask @battleaxe to prove it. I bet she wont. They want me to believe the V2K and RNM in me is being broadcast from her location. And what the fuck is "HOMELAND SECURITY" doing about this shit? I think stumbling over their own dicks maybe? Just like they did and are doing with the Havana Syndrome.

They are reckless and should have shown the proper media what they had before taking me hostage for 5 years.

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