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For days now I have been seeing through the Discord and the official announcements of HIVE that new cards of the soulbound rewards edition will come, but, I had not officially read by myself the information, after a friend passed me an image of what looks like 6 new summoners, I decided to investigate, and I found that about 5 days ago approximately, "Splinterlands" made an announcement where he explains in detail why these new cards will have these features, but, this I will explain in the course of this post.

So, having this new information about the cards, it seemed appropriate to give my opinion about it, besides, analyze these new cards that, for the moment will only be the "Summoners", since I do not want to make this post something very long, but, if a writing that you can read comfortably so that you can share your opinion with me of what you think of them in the comments. Previously I have already described several cards from old editions that are still valid, but these new cards will be very interesting, since they bring with them new abilities, which can change the way of playing and thinking.

What are these new reward cards and why the change?


First I will start because I believe it is the change and I must tell you that, honestly my research on these new cards did not go that far, I have no official information to give you on why the cards are now soul bound and more importantly, why the old ones that are still being printed at the time of this writing until the 31st of this month will suddenly stop being printed without finishing their distribution, because the old ones that are still being printed at the time of this writing until the 31st of this month, will suddenly stop being printed without finishing their distribution for which they were created, but, as I told you I would give my own opinion, that is exactly what I will do, so, I will tell you why I believe this change took place.

To make it easier, I will do it in bullet points and not too long:

  • The first thing I think, is that they want the player to play much more and focus on aiming for higher leagues, so, what I think they are looking for, is that users with many individual accounts that activate BOTS to farm in certain leagues like "Silver", focus on joining all their resources and assets in a single account and start competing.

  • On the other hand, since I think they want the player to play more and aim for higher leagues, it means that little by little, seeing that they will not be able to sell any of the cards they earn until they reach the maximum level, they will focus on playing in leagues like "Diamond or Champion", this means that players would go directly to generate more daily SPS, which is the only thing they can sell if they withdraw part of the "Staking".

  • If all this is so, it could create an effect in which, all players will do their best to reach the highest and most competitive leagues, which will generally increase the cost of rentals and their demand, besides, surely those who have more capital, will begin to complete their decks of cards, with the goal of reaching once and for all to Diamond or Champion.

These are my theories of why this change in the cards, in my opinion it is quite reasonable, since the issue with the BOTS is quite annoying, surely thousands of BOTS play in different leagues and flood the market with thousands of reward cards, which makes it increase even more its supply and although this is normal, because they are printed daily until they reach their limit, this change will make people take seriously their personal accounts and not the secondary ones, but, it remains to observe how this change will unfold after the end of this last season and begin to print the new cards.

With respect to what these new cards are, part of this information I already gave you, so, they will be linked to the soul, in a few words linked only and exclusively to the account of each player, so, they can not be sold, burned, transferred and / or exchanged, until you have a maximum level, although, according to what I read in the official post of "Splinterlands", to unlink these cards, once this set is no longer printed in 1 or 2 years, DEC must be deposited in the same cards, but then they will be recovered when we have the opportunity to burn them, which leads me to think that, once they are at maximum level and can be unlinked, they can not be sold.

So, I leave a question to all of you: Now you can only sell the cards of the new editions where you have to buy "Packs" or if they appear in the daily focus or end of season?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

New Summoners of the "Rewards" edition with the "Chaos Legion" framework


As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a friend passed me an image where I saw what looks like 6 new awesome summoners with a new supergenial ability, which I will tell you about soon:

As you can see in the image, there are 6 new summoners with the rarity type (Rare), with a mana cost of 6 points, being this score the highest that has been seen in "Rare" summoners since the official game was released, being the maximum so far, the rare summoners of "Chaos Legion" with 4 mana points to be able to summon them. On the other hand, there is a summoner for each "Splinter" in the game, except for the famous and valuable "Neutral", in this sense, I will tell you which summoner belongs to each "Splinter" and what abilities they bring with them.

  • Eternan Brune: This is the new rare summoner of the "Fire Splinter", its first ability is to decrease 2 points in the shield of all the opponent's monsters and it also has a new ability called "Conscript".

  • Pembrook Nymph: This is the new rare summoner of the "Water Splinter", his first ability is to give all his team 1 point of life, which is great, besides, he also has the "Conscript" ability.

  • Lobb Lowland: This is the new rare summoner of the "Earth Splinter", his first ability is to decrease the speed of all the opponent's cards by 1 point, which I like a lot, it seems to me that he is the first in his time in the earth team, besides, like the others he also has the ability to "Conscript".

  • Franz Ruffmane: This is the new rare summoner of the "Splinter of Life", he has a lot of similarity with the first rare summoner of this team known as "Tyrus Paladium", since, his first ability grants 1 shield point, and the ability of "Conscript".

  • Octavia Shadowmeld: This is the new rare summoner of the "Splinter of Death" and like the previous one, it has similarities with the first rare summoner called "Zintar Mortalis", decreasing in 1 point the melee attack of all the opponent's monsters and like all the others, the ability to "Conscript".

  • Helios Matriarch: This is the new rare summoner of the "Dragon Splinter", it grants 1 point of speed, very similar to the mythical "Ned Seni" and finally, it also has the ability to "Conscript".

Now, the ability to "Conscript", allows to use a card from the "Gladius" edition in qualifying battles and official tournaments, so, these cards are no longer exclusive to "Brawl" battles, which is impressive, since, I understand that these "Gladius" cards are extremely strong, so this will require an incredible effort for all players to think of a good strategy to defeat these very strong cards, although they will serve as practice when going to battle in the "Brawls".



I will leave this post until here, I think I went too long, but I wanted to bring you this valuable information about the new "Soulbound" cards, plus my opinion about these new changes. I will try to bring more analytical content about the game, plus my progress in the "Silver" league.

See you next time players

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Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss

These summoners are very interesting, excellent information, I look forward to getting them in the rewards. Thanks for sharing.