New cards of "Riftwatchers" a total madness (Part 1)


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I've been following closely the Splinterlands updates for a while now, the reason is that there are a lot of new things coming which I didn't imagine, new games and projects are coming to the door and I'm very anxious to participate in all of them, however, in this post I will only base on something spectacular that I saw in the last town hall practically a day ago, in this post I will only base this post on something spectacular that I saw in the last town hall a day ago practically, and it is some of the new cards of the mini edition of "Riftwatchers" that, by the same words of the creators of the game, are not definitive until its release, but let me tell you that they are really cool.

Taking into account the town hall and the eye candy that they present us in the last instance of the summary publication, they present us with a total of 5 great cards, with impressive stats and abilities for battle, so it occurred to me, to make a small summary or analysis of them, taking advantage that I already have a visual image of everything that these cards could bring, plus how to use them, something not so extensive, but very clear, but, not to make this post so long, because I would surely write too much, I will only talk about the first 2 cards.

Riftwatchers cards and their impact in battle


Here I intend to detail each of the cards presented at the town hall a day ago, which are 5 in total, being 4 of them rare and only one of the common type, the great thing about this is that these cards presented have a very good statistics and terrible combined skills that can change the game strategy easily, at least for those battles that require a high cost of mana, even so, I must say that, what I will comment is my perception and analysis of the cards and how I see that can change the game.

Water Caller

This is the first card that is presented to us clearly as we see in the previous image belongs to the "Water Splinter", it has a very good design I must emphasize, really the creative team is increasing the quality of all their work and this is a good thing, as it tells us players and investors that the game has grown a lot, as well as their team. Now, continuing with the card in question, we have that it has the following statistics:

  • Mana cost: The mana cost of this card is 5 points, so to bring it to the field should not cost much work, so it seems to me very well, at least for battles that require little mana, perhaps less than 27 points of cost, so in my opinion this is a card that can serve for battle where mana is not so demanding.

  • Life Points: The life points of this card are very good from its lowest level, being 5 points, having a maximum of 7 points in its last level which is 8, remembering that, as we can see in the image is a card of the type "Rare", so, in addition to powerful it can be resistant.

  • Attack Points: This card at first glance I can say that it is purely offensive, it is not a support card, so we can place it so that it can do a lot of damage from both the front and back line, its type of attack is "Magic" and from its lowest level it starts with 1 attack point, but at its highest level, it attacks with 3 points, which are very dangerous in battle.

  • Speed: The speed with which this card attacks if reduced, most powerful cards have little speed, however, we all know that there are several ways to increase it, from its lowest level it starts with 1 speed point and at its highest level it can reach 2 points as maximum.

  • Abilities: This card has 2 very good abilities, the first one it has from its lowest level, being this the famous "Stun", which stuns the opponent preventing that in its next round it can execute an attack, on the other hand, the 2nd ability it acquires is the new and powerful "Reflex Shield", which was added to the game recently and which has the function to reduce the damage to "Zero" of the reflective attacks, of the Blast, Throns, Backfire etc. abilities.

Suidae Shaman

This is the 2nd card we can see in the town hall post, it belongs to the "Earth Splinter" and it is an extremely interesting and strong card as soon as we can see it, moreover, it has an interesting set of abilities and that I would of course like to test in battle. This card is also the "Rare" type so I will proceed to detail its characteristics and how we could use it in the game:

  • Mana cost: This card has a bad high mana cost than the previous one, being the same of about 8 points, so, contrary to "Water Caller", this card could be considered more useful for those battles that demand a high mana cost, it can be quite dangerous, but, later I will comment why.

  • Life points: The life points of this card are very good, it is a resistant card even from its lowest level, having a minimum of 6 points and a maximum of 9 points, so it could basically play in any position depending on the rules and the mana cost that is present in the battle.

  • Attack points: The attack points of this card are great, even from its lowest level, taking into account that, from level 1 it has 2 magic attack points and in its last level it has 3 points. If we observe well, this card for the "earth splinter in the "Modern" format, can make a great team with "Obsidian", having the opportunity to increase its magical powers in 1 additional point.

  • Speed: The speed of this card could be said to be average, having from its lowest level 2 points, but, by increasing its level, it can reach a total of 3 points, which are not at all negligible and can become very functional in any type of battle, taking into account that, as its type of attack is magical, its goal is to directly end the health of any card that crosses its path.

  • Abilities: The abilities of this card increase its attack power exponentially, which makes this card really a serious threat from the beginning, especially for its ability called "Recharge", which it obtains from its lowest level, what it does is that, this monster instead of attacking every round as it normally does, it attacks every 2 rounds, but this causes its power to increase 3 times more than normal, giving it a very destructive power.

  • His other ability is called "Giant Killer", which makes him much more deadly, although not with all his opponents, the reason is that this ability causes double the damage to his opponent as long as he has a mana cost higher than 10 points, so, if we think a little, this card could achieve incredible damage if his opponents have a mana cost higher than the aforementioned figure.

  • Its last ability is acquired only at the last level, and can be quite annoying and harmful to any opponent, since this card has the ability to reduce the shield points of all enemies on the battlefield, leaving them totally exposed and unprotected to any kind of attack.

Wait for the continuation


This is the end of the first post, I didn't want to make it so long even though I only wanted to write briefly about all their characteristics, but when I realized that I already had a good amount of words, I preferred in this first part to describe the first 2 and do it in several parts, since I have seen that they do the same thing many times to not bore the reader, the idea is that you can read it quickly and imagine these new characters in the battle. Now wait for the 2nd part, I have also seen some of the new summoners and it would be great to analyze them, especially because the summoners are a fundamental part in the game and in the strategy of every player.

See you next time players

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Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss

Good post and the format is good although you can improve it, the Riftwatchers cards are great, I also hope to make summaries about them.