November 2021 recap - ETH saves the month

Again a month has passed. Let me show you how my portfolio did.


Market update

It was a very volatile month, with a lot of movement for the prices of the individual cryptos. The sum was kind of the same however. The total market cap of cryptocurrencies went down slightly from 2.71 tn to 2.66 tn. Bitcoin dominance was down substantially from 43.9% to 40.6%.
Looking at the prices of the individual currencies, Bitcoin went down from $63,100 to $57,200 this month. The price of Ethereum went up from $4,450 to $4,770, just below last month's all time high.

Current Portfolio

Again I didn't invest more money in Bitcoin and Ethereum. My overall portfolio value is now about €700 higher than one month ago. My portfolio shifted towards ETH. My personal BTC "dominance" is now at 38.5% (from 42.4%).
In total I have invested €2,600 in Ethereum and Bitcoin, so I'm at a €27,600 overall profit.


I managed to steadily increase my Hive Power holdings the last month from 6,990 to 7,071 HP. Given the huge spike of the Hive price, this is becoming a very large part of my total portfolio. It even surpassed BTC for the first time. Never expected that to happen.

Will December show a final push for the year (and cycle)? Or are we going down from here? We'll see it in the coming recaps.

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