Hello Fellows Splinterlanders!✨

⚡️Disclaimer: this content has the purpose of narrating my experience none of this is a Financial Advice⚡️


Welcome to the Thursday Special! Your favourite Doctor is back to help you improve in this game & make the right decision! For those who don't know me, I started 2 months ago and aim to become a Splinterland experts and maybe a Pro player one day.

Since starting this game I reached Diamond 3 and I am currently trying to break into Champion 3!👽


😝 Let's jump into the Review! 😝

👉For context: as the Chaos Legion Sale has started many of you are interested to understand what to buy. After playing a lot in Diamond by using only Modern Format card I am here to express my personal view in terms of usefull cards and maybe good investments.👈

🤑 We will analyze these card by Rarity 🤑


🌕 Let's start with Legendaries Cards! 🌕


  • Harklaw ➡️ Price 4.40$🎯Great tank due to Immunity (antistun-poison). Combined with Orwell the summoner who reflect magic this is a godtank in slowmode.
  • Djinn Muirat ➡️ Price 7.840$ 🎯 Fantastic tank, beast if played with repair.
  • Djinn Oshannus ➡️ Price 7.80$ 🎯 This guy was at 50$ just 2 month ago, lost value due to Chaos Legion... wait for the end of sales.
  • Legionnaire Alvar ➡️ Price 6.790$ 🎯 If you are aiming to arrive in Dia+ start piling up Alvar, you are going to need it!
  • Uriel the Purifier ➡️ Price 11.37$ 🎯 Good tank for Life decks, shine with repair+heal or a Chanseus

😈 Let's move into Epic Cards! 😈

epic rev.png

  • Dragon Spirit ➡️ Price 4$ 🎯 I can't stress out how strong is Immunity in modern format
  • Lava Launcher ➡️ Price 0.7$🎯 Stun armor health, god of high mana
  • Djinn Chwala ➡️ Price 0.87$ 🎯Fantastic in duo with Daria
  • Weirding Warrior ➡️ Price 1.3$ 🎯 This literally too much. This price is a bargain
  • Dax Paragon ➡️ Price 1.375$ 🎯 Same as Weirding, you are going to play strong tanks at high level
  • Forgotten One ➡️ Price 2.25$ 🎯 Beast tank with Immunity

⏰ It's time for Rare Cards! ⏰

rare rev.png

  • Scavo Firebolt ➡️ Price 0.136$🎯Pair it with a stun, good stats for 4 Mana
  • Twilight Basilisk ➡️ Price 0.140$ 🎯 Second position after Djinn and good game
  • Venari Bonesmith ➡️ Price 0.145$ 🎯 Poison and Leech in the same cards. Basically the brother of Dr. Blight at a Cheap price
  • Naga Assassin ➡️ Price 0.147$ 🎯 Last position vs sneak games
  • Venari Seedsmith ➡️ Price 0.149$ 🎯 Again poison..this skill is too broken.
  • Venari Crystalsmith ➡️ Price 0.177$ 🎯 An healer at 17$, are you joking guys?
  • Venari Wavesmith ➡️ Price 0.200$ 🎯 For reference go check the price of Defender of Truth from beta
  • Time Mage ➡️ Price 0.232$ 🎯 Godlike Rare card.
  • Diemonshark ➡️ Price 0.354$ 🎯 Fantastic bruiser, pair it with Merdaali
  • Merdaali Guardian ➡️ Price 0.361$ 🎯 Not best price but wonderful skills.


🤞 It's time for Common Cards! 🤞

common rev.png

  • Pelacor Bandit ➡️ Price 0.035$🎯 Last position vs melee game
  • Pelacor Mercenary ➡️ Price 0.038$ 🎯 Great great card, self heal and good stats
  • Pelacori Deceiver ➡️ Price 0.039$ 🎯 Expect a lot of Death Decks in modern format, and you will see this guy a lot.
  • Lava Spider ➡️ Price 0.46$ 🎯 Fantastic card... insane stat for 3 mana
  • Pelacor Conjurer ➡️ Price 0.048$ 🎯 This guy is 2 much, basically even in Diamond I play him 70% of the time as 1st tank unit.
  • Radiator Brute ➡️ Price 0.05$ 🎯 Good stats, good price for Reach
  • Scavo Chemist ➡️ Price 0.049$ 🎯 Overall a decent investment, need to understand more about Modern format to evaluate
  • Flying Squid ➡️ Price 0.078$ 🎯 This price is a bargain
  • Silent Sha-vi ➡️ Price 0.089$ 🎯 This card is amazing, pricewise...not that much. Get it if cheaper
  • Riftwing ➡️ Price 0.095$ 🎯 Ridicolous stat for a common card. Good investment
Thank you for reading my article, I hope you will share my same view and I will wait for your comments! Can't wait to see what you are buying! As I previously mentioned I am currently playing with a Maxed Modern Format Set to see where I can arrive. Stay tuned because I will share more about this experience.. Maybe I will reach Champion 3 this time ;). Also this week I plan to release my Secret Cheap Death Deck.. Stay tuned!
See you soon,
Dr. Estiqaatsi

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