👀 Spring Sales on Splinterlands Market 👀 - 36k power for 100$

Hello Fellows Splinterlanders!✨

⚡️Disclaimer: this content has the purpose of narrating my experience none of this is a Financial Advice⚡️


Welcome back to my personal blog on Splinterlands, today I am here because something really special happened....THERE ARE SALES ON THE SPLINTERLANDS MARKET!

Over these 6 months in order to achieve my goals (like peaking Champion 2) I had to invest a lot of my money allocated for this game in rent. This strategy has allowed me to collect a lot of rewards cards, share insight with the community and build a small amount of money that I can reinvest in the game... and what a better time than a Bear Market?!?!

I am really sorry for all the Splinterlanders out there who lost some money due to the current economic instabilities, but let's not forget that first of all this is a game. And to be honest, I did not see such an incredible impact due to the bear market... but at the moment there are some cards who lost some value allowing new players like me to accumulate some CP for a discounted price!


😝 So Doctor, what did you buy today?!?!??😝


As mentioned in the title today I managed to get a super discount on Collection Power. I got so tired of last day renting so I decided to liquidate a lot of my Reward cards and convert them to PURE Power!

So look at the math behind this.
Currently Harklaw can be bought for around ... let's say 1.4$ if you are lucky you could actually find it at 1.2-1.3-1.4$.

So let's assume 1.4$ worse case scenario
1x Harklaw = 500 CP
11x Harklaw if combined= 5575 CP (bonus from max lvl)
1.4$ x 11 cards = 15.4$
100$/15.4$= 6.5
so basically.. 6(lvl4 Harklaw) x 5575=33 450 CP!

Seriously this is a really good price point to collect CP. Now I can understand that someone could say that Harklaw is not that good, but I am here to change your mind.
At the moment I am playing with a modern format and yes, Harklaw is not the greatest but it is still an utility card, really good in poison game. Especially if paired with Mimosa you can deny your enemy any type of healing, or in general in modern format is plenty of Poison and this offer the opportunity for Harklaw to be a great tank.
When maxed if paired with the 0 Mana card from death and another Silence this guy take 0 dmg and can be healed with no problem thanks to immunity.

Also I would like to mention that Death deck is probably the most versatile in the modern format (or maybe I just love it)

If you do not really like this card, you could eventually consider to diversificate your investiment and take Djinn Oshannus for around 2$ or the Earth Legendary at 3.5$.
Still remember to combine this card to have a bonus.


Thank you for your time and I hope you will enjoy this content! And remember this is not a financial advice.

Dr. Estiqaatsi

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